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Tree Ornament, 2014

We joke about the fact that Daisy is our gift that keeps on giving. We gave a cute little purebred English Lab puppy to one another for our anniversary seven years ago, and she has been in charge ever since! … Continue reading

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Daisy and the Covered Couch

Daisy has an air of entitlement. It’s not her fault. What trainers refer to as “commands,” Frank has always referred to as “suggestions.” Case in point. Daisy has a nice, comfy L.L. Bean bed. She spends nights there but prefers … Continue reading

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Daisy and Sam do much more than co-exist in the same house. They seem to have really bonded. This morning, Sam was drinking out of Daisy’s water bowl. I watched while Daisy stood patiently behind him until he was finished. … Continue reading

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Walking Miss Daisy

It’s pouring rain at the moment. Probably why I’m thinking about walking Daisy. That’s one of the interesting things about living with a dog. You really don’t have a choice about getting out there. No doubt about it, sometimes it’s … Continue reading

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