Holiday Snow


a mere light dusting
appropriate and just enough
to herald Christmas

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Mini Cupcakes



Tiny chocolate cupcakes are a welcome addition to a holiday assortment of sweets. Follow the recipe for chocolate cake on the back of the can of Hersey’s Cocoa. Dividing the recipe in half  will provide enough batter for 24 mini cupcakes and 12 madeleines, or for 36 cupcakes. A simple recipe for chocolate frosting can be found there as well. Bake at 350 for approximately 12 minutes.


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touches of whimsey
illuminating the night
giants of Sandwich


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Holly and Challah


holly and challah
sharing the season of light
a perfect union

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Season of Light


tiny tree
with bare branches  
blinking lights
ease the darkness
tiny gold balls
capture and distribute
the glow


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Thanksgiving Week Bread

crusty golden loaves
answering a daily need
that pies alone can’t fill

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Any Season

Lone walkers
passing at a distance
on a chilly,
November beach.
One voice
carried on the wind
rang out,
“Beautiful, isn’t it?”
came the smiling response.

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