Sam Without Daisy


Animals in a household mourn a loss as keenly as other family members. But we are all learning to adapt and adjust to life without Daisy. For those of us with intellect and speech, we can temper sadness with an understanding of the issues surrounding Daisy’s passing. For Sam, who deals in a sensory world, understanding her absence while still surrounded by her scent, is harder still.

For now, seeking comfort, Sam has adopted the Big Guy as his buddy of choice. When Frank sits, Sam heads for his lap; when he lies on his couch, Sam curls up on his chest. Needless to say, he sleeps tucked between us.

But with each passing day, he seems to be relaxing into his new reality. Perhaps the strong scent is abating as we remove Daisy’s bed and bowls and dog food, and vacuum residual dog hair. Today, he took up his customary spot on the back of the couch in Frank’s office.

I don’t believe that his bond with Daisy will ever be completely forgotten, but with time, the sense of loss will ease. I guess that can be said for all of us.


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Our Sweet Girl

We said goodbye to sweet Daisy yesterday. Frank’s wish that she would someday learn to talk was granted in a way. She let us know that it was time to let her go.

Biopsy indicated probable cancer. Prognosis, even with treatment, was grim. Symptoms, briefly abated by drugs, reverted back with prior intensity. She sought her bed when couches became too high to climb.

Our Princess in a Yellow Lab Suit enriched our lives for ten years. When the pain lessens, there will be a wealth of funny stories that will keep her memory alive for years to come. But for now, let me simply say that she was loved.

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Equal Time


“My turn,” he seems to say
with a batting paw
and a muffled meow.
Benign neglect
during this past month
of Daisy concern and care
certainly understandable,
but becoming less acceptable.
“She’s eating and on meds these days,” 
he seems to say.
“My turn for more than
a hurried pat on the head
and a backward glance.”

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Another Daisy Update


Things are looking brighter these days. Daisy had been eating her prescription food (as long as we put a little chicken on it!) She has more interest in her surroundings and isn’t sleeping as much during the day.

Blood tests for Addison’s Disease proved negative, so we’ve eliminated that as a cause. Still waiting for the results of the biopsies. The doctor referred to her as still being in recovery. I guess my question remains, “From what?”

The Prilosec and Prednisone and the prescription food seem to be working for her digestive issues. Her arthritis remains a concern. We’ve been told to stop giving her the pain meds, and she’s having definite issues with her back legs and hips. One theory has been that the meds she was on for arthritis may have wreaked havoc with her stomach lining. Just one of many theories. No real answers.

But we’ve seen improvement in the last couple of days. Any day that she sits by the “cookie closet” and waits expectantly for a biscuits is a good day!

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Daisy’s Chair


This is a story about a chair.
It’s also a story about
not giving up hope.
A bedroom chair
at the top of a flight of stairs.
Daisy’s chair.
Empty for three weeks.
Protective cover removed
at the thought
that she would never
climb the stairs
or sleep in that chair again.
And morning came.
Daisy climbed those stairs
and reclaimed her chair.
The crisis isn’t over.
Test results still pending.
But Daisy is slowly
shaking off her invalid cloak
and donning her Princess crown.

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Daisy Update


Happier than most times to turn the calendar to a new month. January has not been kind. February dawns as we keep a vigil, waiting for results from biopsies taken during the endoscopy and blood work testing for Addison’s Disease.

On a bright note, Daisy has started eating the prescription food that they recommended at the hospital. She has also developed a renewed interest in the “cookie closet,” and had a few bites of Frank’s sandwich at lunch. She’s been on Prilosec and Prednisone for a couple of days, and they may have started kicking in.

She’s currently taking an afternoon nap on a double pile of comforters on top of her LL Bean mattress. Shaved belly compliments of Ultrasound testing. Sort of reminiscent of the old story of the Princess and the Pea.

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Anxiety Afghan


by nervous energy
during the past
three weeks
of Daisy’s illness.
Peaks of hope
and valleys of despair
woven into
stitches and rows.
More tests.
More waiting
for results.
And the afghan
continues to
increase in size.

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