The Cabinet


There’s a storage cabinet in our garage.
Home to backup rolls of toilet paper and paper towels.
Ignored under normal circumstances until supplies get low,
and the item gets added to a grocery list.
But these are not normal times.
Seeing a supply of toilet paper elicits a sigh.
A bit relief. A bit fear. A bit of irony.
A realization of so much we once took for granted.

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Week at a Glance (March 15-March 21)

A week when life as we know it began grinding to a halt.
Clinging to images of blooming flowers and ivy reaching for the sky.
Signs of hope in a troubled time. 
Celebratory food on an all but forgotten St. Patrick’s Day.
Homemade bread that may soon become a necessity rather than a luxury.
Solitary seagull watching over a windswept beach.
Beach now a haven for fresh air while practicing social distancing.

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Trip at a Glance (February 9-March 14)

The spread of coronavirus has shuttered businesses and schools.
Aspects of life we once took for granted have been severely altered.
Travel, once a source of anticipation and delight, now clouded with fear.
Happy to be home as we shelter in place, but grateful for memories.

A smattering of images from a journey south.
Blue-green waters of the Caribbean.
Beckoning boardwalk at Naples Corkscrew Swamp.
Flowery splashes of color at every turn.
Then the myriad of delights of South Carolina.
Tempting Low Country food. Perfect oysters!
Centuries old Live Oaks, daunting in their size and scope.
Lazy alligator sleeping in the sun.
And brilliant sunsets over the water.


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Tale of Two Hydrants

One newly painted.
One vintage.

One on a popular walk to the beach.
One tucked away amid trees on a country lane.

One a symbol of today’s Cape,
with its tourist attractions and summer crowds.
One a symbol of a quieter time
of sandy towels draped over cottage porch railings,

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Week at a Glance (January 27-February 1)

A snow-free week
as we ease into February.
Memories of Greece
served with a plate of octopus.
Portuguese “pops” from a local bakery.
Nostalgia elicited
from a row of books on a shelf.
Splashes of color
on a chilly walk to the beach.
Megansett in winter.

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Nothing warms a room
more than a wall of books.
Bound volumes that capture
deep thoughts and flights of fancy.
Memories line those shelves.
Books that tell a story
above and beyond their texts.
A tale that spans college,
careers, hobbies, travel.
Each shelf a springboard
to another time and place. 

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Week at a Glance (January 20-26)

Week of flu and flowers. The yin and yang of life.
A week when brightly colored caps
captured memories of sunshine and warmth,
and a glass globe mirrored January’s chill.
An international week that included Taco Tuesday
and Hot and Sour Soup in celebration of the Lunar New Year.
A week of take out pizza enhanced
by Frank’s special salad with fresh mushrooms and feta.

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