Week at a Glance

A week that included
memories of Mykonos.
First snowfall
sending out a call
for chicken soup.
Swaying marsh grass.
A needed splash of color.
And marvelous mussels.

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On the Bike Path


line starts out so straight
then startles
and bumps
and curves
a painter hitting a rock?
or having a bad day?
or simply a comment
on the path
of life

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The kitchen birds are unadorned. Their necklaces of Christmas bells are tucked away. Start of a new year. Quiet time after the calendar filled holidays. The classic time for contemplation; for formulating new goals for the coming year.

A snapshot a day seems like a reasonable goal. A little reminder of a moment in time that would otherwise be lost in the blur of activities on any given day. I can’t always find the time to sit down at my computer and write, but I can reach in my pocket to grab my phone and capture a picture that interests or moves or delights me. Over time, these individual snapshots could form a collage of 2020.

I actually started this project on New Year’s Day and have been thinking about how to organize the pictures. Currently thinking about a once a week “Week That Was” posting of collected snapshots. And if a particular picture calls up a poem or reflection, I’ll cull it from the pack and single it out for attention.

For now, let’s just call this a work in progress.


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Food Centric Week

It’s been a week centered around food. New Year’s Day found us at an Asian market with its dizzying display of unfamiliar riches. Spent a happy hour replenishing my stock of condiments, delighting in fresh baby Bok Choy, and eyeing the live eels with wonderment that someone would actually consider them food. But I guess one could feel the same way about lobster. A big aquatic bug could be daunting to the uninitiated.

With a classic New Year’s goal of dropping a few pounds and lowering blood sugar, we set out on low carb journey. This involved renewed emphasis on vegetables, so the Spiralizer was removed from the closet and dusted off. I guess the big discovery of the week for me was cauliflower rice.

The technique of turning cauliflower into “rice” has been part of food blogs for a long time, but I had never tried it until this week. Couldn’t be simpler. Chop cauliflower florets in a food processor until they resemble grains of rice. Using a skillet with a cover, saute the rice-like grains in a tiny bit of olive oil and/or chicken broth. Cover and let steam for a few minutes until tender. Season with salt. Great as a side dish instead of rice or potatoes, or as a base for stir fry.

And so the new year begins the way the old year ended, with me in the kitchen. Not a bad place to be. At least for me.

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Photographer’s Dream

IMG_6557 2

snow tipped bare branches
caught in a web of sunlight
nature’s magic hour

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Chill in the Air


IMG_6528 2

sea and sky in shades of gray
caught in cold’s tight grasp

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Back of the Can

Right at the top of seasonal desserts is the classic pumpkin pie. In my view, the best recipe can be found on the back of a can of One-Pie canned pumpkin. This is right up there with other perfect “back of the product” recipes like Hersey Cocoa’s Chocolate Cake and Nestle’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. Why deviate from a guaranteed success?

Making your own crust is good. Buying a Mrs. Smith’s Deep Dish Pie Crust in the freezer department is also good. And easy.



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