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Fresh Broccoli Salad

Broccoli salad can be a good addition to the summer salad rotation. I’ve had broccoli salads heavy with bacon and cheese with a mayonnaise based dressing. While often delicious, they are a bit of a guilty pleasure. This version keeps … Continue reading

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Sometimes a photograph can be a work of art. Sometimes it can just be a snapshot. Actually, I should edit out the word “just.” There’s nothing wrong with a snapshot. It’s capturing a memory. I’ve been thinking about these things … Continue reading

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Spring Beach

  Fickle Spring is a tease. One sweet day followed by wind swept chill. But quickening is palpable. Sunbeams dance as waves tease the shore. The occasional beach stroller, newly sans hat and gloves, will notice a softness to the … Continue reading

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Sweet Memory

  In the blink of an eye, slow wandering down an ancient alley in St. Thomas, the warmth of sunshine, the scent of the sea, the joyful nod of scarlet flowers in the breeze,  all relegated to memory. Sweet reminiscence … Continue reading

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Sam Without Daisy

Animals in a household mourn a loss as keenly as other family members. But we are all learning to adapt and adjust to life without Daisy. For those of us with intellect and speech, we can temper sadness with an … Continue reading

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Equal Time

“My turn,” he seems to say with a batting paw and a muffled meow. Benign neglect during this past month of Daisy concern and care certainly understandable, but becoming less acceptable. “She’s eating and on meds these days,”  he seems to … Continue reading

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Daisy Update

Happier than most times to turn the calendar to a new month. January has not been kind. February dawns as we keep a vigil, waiting for results from biopsies taken during the endoscopy and blood work testing for Addison’s Disease. On … Continue reading

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