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Sam’s Litterbox Challenge

Sam is almost seventeen. He’s basically a good cat. Howls a lot, but we’ve learned to live with that. Has a tendency to seek out my son-in-law’s clothes and pee on them, so we’ve learned (the hard way) to keep … Continue reading

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Vocal Sam

  Spent some time this morning on the internet reading about why aging cats howl. Yes, I’ve asked the vet. He said, “They do that.” He also suggested that Sam might be deaf, which actually appears to be the case. The … Continue reading

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And Then There’s Sam

  Someday, I may figure out why Sam drinks out of Daisy’s water bowl. But then again, maybe I’ll never know. He has his own personal water dish right next to his food bowl. It gets cleaned and filled with … Continue reading

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A Kitten At Heart

There’s still a kitten hiding somewhere inside that sixteen year old cat. His Christmas present – bluebird that shoots a laser dot – entices leaps into the air and batting practice normally seen in a much younger creature. And Sam … Continue reading

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They’re Worth It

Read a comment yesterday that a house wasn’t really a home unless there was animal hair on every available surface. Well, I guess we qualify! I read the quote shortly after complaining about that very same fact. I spent the … Continue reading

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Quiet Week

Excitement of anticipation has reached its peak with Christmas morning. Shower of wrapping paper now stuffed into trash bags in the garage. Santa safely tucked back at the North Pole. No doubt exhausted by his efforts. The elf has abandoned … Continue reading

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Nap Time

Sleeping in sunshine. Crumpled heap of golden fur on his perch of choice- dented spot, matted with fur perfectly positioned for warmth of afternoon light. Watched over by a portrait of his buddy. Safe, secure, content.

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