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Goodbye Sam

  We said goodbye to Sam on Saturday. Our little force of nature with the big personality let us know that it was time for him to go. It shouldn’t have been the surprise that it was. Sam was just … Continue reading

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Sam Without Daisy

Animals in a household mourn a loss as keenly as other family members. But we are all learning to adapt and adjust to life without Daisy. For those of us with intellect and speech, we can temper sadness with an … Continue reading

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Equal Time

“My turn,” he seems to say with a batting paw and a muffled meow. Benign neglect during this past month of Daisy concern and care certainly understandable, but becoming less acceptable. “She’s eating and on meds these days,”  he seems to … Continue reading

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Window on the World

  Sam spends hours surveying a rich world just out of reach. A busy place of foraging squirrels skidding on patches of ice. Of Bluejays and Woodpeckers jockeying for space at the bird feeder. Of sunlight rainbows glinting on slushy … Continue reading

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  I found this poem when I was cleaning out an old file cabinet. Madora was Sam’s mother.  Only Sam and one of his sisters, who was adopted by our friends, Peter and Fay, remain alive seventeen years later. This … Continue reading

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Sleeping Sam

so much depends upon a sleeping cat in a puddle of sunlight on an autumn afternoon. (with thanks to William Carlos Williams)

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furry companion proxmity his simple need my purring buddy

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Sam’s Litterbox Challenge

Sam is almost seventeen. He’s basically a good cat. Howls a lot, but we’ve learned to live with that. Has a tendency to seek out my son-in-law’s clothes and pee on them, so we’ve learned (the hard way) to keep … Continue reading

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Vocal Sam

  Spent some time this morning on the internet reading about why aging cats howl. Yes, I’ve asked the vet. He said, “They do that.” He also suggested that Sam might be deaf, which actually appears to be the case. The … Continue reading

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And Then There’s Sam

  Someday, I may figure out why Sam drinks out of Daisy’s water bowl. But then again, maybe I’ll never know. He has his own personal water dish right next to his food bowl. It gets cleaned and filled with … Continue reading

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