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Stuffed Zucchini

Someone recently commented that I hadn’t been posting recipes lately. Summer could have something to do with it. It’s a stop by the stand for fresh corn to add to whatever is going on the grill on the way home … Continue reading

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Steamer Season

  It’s officially summer! Time to uncover the outdoor propane cooker and unearth the lobster pot from its winter home on a basement shelf. Also time to repost one of my favorite recipes for summer entertaining. This method elevates steamed … Continue reading

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Another One Pot Meal

This has been one of those weeks. There’s a huge hole in our kitchen ceiling. The result of a pin hole leak in a pipe that was dripping and making Rorschach designs overhead. The Big Guy located and taped the … Continue reading

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Sometimes a cookbook is valuable for information and technique, in addition to actual recipes. Barbara Kafka’s Vegetable Love is one of those books. Case in point: broccoli rabe. Referred to as broccoli di raab in this cookbook. I’ve used broccoli … Continue reading

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Memory Jog

Interesting how one thought leads to another. How one experience brings a memory into clear focus. A recent cooking class that included couscous was a reminder of a delightful dish from the Jerusalem cookbook. I hadn’t made it for about … Continue reading

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Revisiting Spiralized Zucchini

There’s an ebb and flow to many aspects of life. At one point, my Spiralizer had a place on the counter. Now, rarely used, it remains tucked on a shelf in a utility closet. My days of creative spiralizing are … Continue reading

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Chicken, Beans, and Tomatoes

I reached for my Recipes from Home cookbook (2001) with a particular goal in mind. The four boneless chicken thighs that I had defrosted needed to be part of the dinner plan. The recipe “Chicken, Tomato, and Butter Bean Stew” … Continue reading

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