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Early Morning Sunlight

  a splash of sunlight life affirming beckoning start of a new day Advertisements

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Equal Time

“My turn,” he seems to say with a batting paw and a muffled meow. Benign neglect during this past month of Daisy concern and care certainly understandable, but becoming less acceptable. “She’s eating and on meds¬†these days,”¬† he seems to … Continue reading

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Daisy’s Chair

This is a story about a chair. It’s also a story about not giving up hope. A bedroom chair at the top of a flight of stairs. Daisy’s chair. Empty for three weeks. Protective cover removed at the thought that … Continue reading

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And Then There’s Sam

And then there’s Sam. His buddy, Daisy, somewhere other than home where she belongs. The word “hospital” not part of his vocabulary. Recognizing signs of our tension and concern, he howls in frustration as he circles on Daisy’s bed. Picking … Continue reading

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Window on the World

  Sam spends hours surveying a rich world just out of reach. A busy place of foraging squirrels skidding on patches of ice. Of Bluejays and Woodpeckers jockeying for space at the bird feeder. Of sunlight rainbows glinting on slushy … Continue reading

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Beyond Normal Cold

  When sub-zero temperatures become the norm. When sun’s rays have no sway against the dusting of snow on branches. When our world is a picture in black and white. When morning is eerily quiet. Snap of frozen twigs the … Continue reading

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If Only

  If only it were possible to capture the wonder of childhood. To retain the joy of uncritical approach. To view the world with eyes that sparkle with endless possibility.

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