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Nature and Art

Sunlight glinting on glass. Elf-like creatures teetering on balls and skipping over logs. Woven baskets spun by fairy hands, and left to float among lily pads. A towering cube suspended on edge. Capturing, reflecting, spinning sunlight, and color and wonder. … Continue reading

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Portrait of the cold. Study in gunmetal shades.   Pallid sun,  bereft of warmth, providing but dim light. Solitary footpath forged on a lonely beach.

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Still Dancing

  Mary Oliver died yesterday at the age of 83. I never met her, but I feel as though I knew her. Perhaps that was her greatest gift. Her poetry was intimate and approachable. Her subjects relatable; her language simple, … Continue reading

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Not For Everyone

Funny thing about raw oysters. For some, aversion. A queasy sense of unease as they dwell on the thought that these briny creatures pulsed with life only moments before their shells were severed apart. For others, a flash of pure … Continue reading

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January Beach

Last year on this date, Old Silver was frozen in place. Waves captured in an iron grasp as they rolled towards a snow encrusted beach. Winter had a strangle hold on our shores. Our January beach is peaceful as this … Continue reading

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Holiday Snow

a mere light dusting appropriate and just enough to herald Christmas

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touches of whimsey illuminating the night giants of Sandwich  

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