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Our Sweet Girl

We said goodbye to sweet Daisy yesterday. Frank’s wish that she would someday learn to talk was granted in a way. She let us know that it was time to let her go. Biopsy indicated probable cancer. Prognosis, even with … Continue reading

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Another Daisy Update

Things are looking brighter these days. Daisy had been eating her prescription food (as long as we put a little chicken on it!) She has more interest in her surroundings and isn’t sleeping as much during the day. Blood tests … Continue reading

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Daisy’s Chair

This is a story about a chair. It’s also a story about not giving up hope. A bedroom chair at the top of a flight of stairs. Daisy’s chair. Empty for three weeks. Protective cover removed at the thought that … Continue reading

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Daisy Update

Happier than most times to turn the calendar to a new month. January has not been kind.¬†February dawns as we keep a vigil, waiting for results from biopsies taken during the endoscopy and blood work testing for Addison’s Disease. On … Continue reading

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Thai Inspired Noodles

Grateful to Ruth Reichl for this recipe. Actually for her whole book, My Kitchen Year, 136 Recipes that Saved My Life. It has been inspiring me to keep busy cooking as we struggle through this rough patch with Daisy’s health. … Continue reading

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Sweet Girl

Our sweet Daisy is still sick. Refusing all food except for the occasional bite of chicken or fish. This aversion to food is compounded by bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. We’ve been back and forth to the critical care center … Continue reading

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Walking Miss Daisy

There are challenges inherent in co-habitating with a dog. Notice I avoided using the verb “owning.” Our dogs have always owned us. There are obvious challenges like shedding and muddy paws and having to plan ahead for an absence of … Continue reading

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A Girl and Her Towel

A blankie worn by repeated washings. A teddy with a torn ear. A cherished Booie the rabbit. Still in a box in the attic. Love objects all. But for Daisy, Only an old, soft towel will do.

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Daisy Update

Members of Daisy’s fan club have been asking about her, so an update on Daisy’s process appears to be in order. She’s into her third week of shots and twice daily pills for pain. All seems to be progressing well. … Continue reading

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Better Day for Daisy

  So many of Daisy’s fans expressed concern after yesterday’s blog that I felt that an update was in order. Things are brighter around here this morning. Miss Daisy is definitely feeling much better. Her mobility has improved significantly. She … Continue reading


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