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Kitchen Magic

  Handfuls of flour. Sprinkle of salt. Shower of yeast. Liquid to combine and bloom. Hands to prod and stretch. Flow of energy stimulating growth. Time and air and a bit of fairy dust giving lift and rise. Heat the … Continue reading

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Re-visiting No-Knead Bread

Funny how things go in and out of vogue. For a long while, all one heard about was an emphasis on no or low carb. Bread was on the no fly list. Then a measure of sanity resurfaced, and bread … Continue reading

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Baking Bread

A friend once asked me why I blogged, causing me to really think about my rationale. Blogging allows me to capture a small piece of a fleeting day. It’s a tangible glimpse into moments that would otherwise be lost in the rapid … Continue reading

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Portuguese Sweet Bread (No-Knead Version)

Most cultures have a sweet bread that speaks of nostalgia and home. These sweet breads are often associated with holidays. The first time I had Portuguese Sweet Bread was many years ago in Provincetown. I still remember the big round … Continue reading

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Cold Day. Warm Bread.

Today is really beyond normal cold. We’re under a gale warning, making the wind chill a real factor in determining how cold it feels. Trying to be good humored about this. Our current conditions are temporary. The snow will melt. … Continue reading

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The Bread Habit

Thinking about habitual behavior. Funny how one can slide in and out of activities. For months, I was into the No-Knead method of baking bread. And then, for whatever reason, I slid back into my old method of kneading. I … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Bread

I’ve been playing around with a recipe for cinnamon bread lately. My first attempt had a good crumb, but the cinnamon flavor was too subtle. Using a better quality cinnamon (Vietnamese) really helped. The spicy smell as it’s toasting in the morning … Continue reading

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