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No Knead Sweet Bread

It’s the holidays. Everything needs a bit of added sweetness. This bread is hardly traditional to any particular ethnic root. A little bit babka; a little bit Portuguese sweet bread. It’s a No Knead version of a crusty loaf that … Continue reading

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Olive Bread

    I’ve been trying various additions to the basic recipe in Alexandra Stafford’s amazing cookbook, Bread Toast Crumbs. Adding a half cup of chopped kalamata olives produces a total winner. The original recipe for basic peasant bread is sized to … Continue reading

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Best Toast Ever!

  Recently, I posted an adapted version of Alexandra Stafford’s No-Knead Peasant Bread. I was introduced to the basic recipe as part of Food 52’s Genius recipe collection. My adaptation produces a single loaf of bread. Since my original post, I’ve purchased Alexandra Stafford’s cookbook, Bread … Continue reading

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Yes, You Can Make Bread!

    I’m going to a bridal shower tomorrow. Included with the invitation was a request for a recipe. I’ve decided to include this amazing, super easy, recipe for “bowl bread.” Even a total novice in the kitchen can produce … Continue reading

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Wheat Bread Two Ways

  Yesterday, when I blogged about baking bread, a friend asked for the recipe for my basic wheat bread. Since I make that bread on auto pilot and no longer look at a recipe, it sent me back through my … Continue reading

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Daily Bread

Bread is on the rise as I write this. Our standard wheat bread that I make at least once a week. The bread that is so routine that it requires no recipe. A process so common that it requires little … Continue reading

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Confetti Bread (Spiralized!)

  This is basically a simple version of zucchini bread, with a bonus of summer squash and carrots. It’s made even easier by spiralizing the vegetables, instead of grating them, as part of the process. Just chop the spaghetti-like strands into short … Continue reading

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