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Nature and Art

Sunlight glinting on glass. Elf-like creatures teetering on balls and skipping over logs. Woven baskets spun by fairy hands, and left to float among lily pads. A towering cube suspended on edge. Capturing, reflecting, spinning sunlight, and color and wonder. … Continue reading

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Plan B

Had an “Aha” moment at the Naples Botanical Gardens. Tucked in the greenery was a sign:  “The key to life is how well you deal with plan B.” The truth behind that statement is almost glaring in its simplicity, but … Continue reading

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Natural Beauty

Life seems to be settling back into its normal steady hum of routine. I’ve been making soup and bread. Two things we missed on our trip. It’s been a smooth transition for the most part, but I did wake up … Continue reading

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Home Again

Back at the nest. Our winter escape to warmer climates has come full cycle. Being away for almost six weeks has certain advantages. In spite of the fact that our trip was, on the whole, pretty special and wonderful, I’m … Continue reading

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