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Stuffed Zucchini

Someone recently commented that I hadn’t been posting recipes lately. Summer could have something to do with it. It’s a stop by the stand for fresh corn to add to whatever is going on the grill on the way home … Continue reading

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Morning Meander

  socialized bunny blossoms vibrating with bees hydrangea still life

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Day at the Beach

a different view looking up instead of out quiet reverie

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Simple Abundance

Summer at its peak. Riot of flowers and herbs, and a cat with golden fur sleeping soundly in a puddle of sunshine.

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Old Silver

Early morning beach walk. Quiet now. The cry of sea birds and the rhythmic splash of surf the music of the hour. Peaceful time on this perfect beach with its clear water, soft sand, and gentle surf. Soon, the sound … Continue reading

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Captured Moment

sheer splendorĀ  soaring seagullĀ  silhouetted against the setting sun.  

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