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Sometimes a photograph can be a work of art. Sometimes it can just be a snapshot. Actually, I should edit out the word “just.” There’s nothing wrong with a snapshot. It’s capturing a memory. I’ve been thinking about these things … Continue reading

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Rainy Day

first droplets; then sheets washing winter from the deck nature’s spring cleaning

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Sometimes a cookbook is valuable for information and technique, in addition to actual recipes. Barbara Kafka’s Vegetable Love is one of those books. Case in point: broccoli rabe. Referred to as broccoli di raab in this cookbook. I’ve used broccoli … Continue reading

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Spring Beach

  Fickle Spring is a tease. One sweet day followed by wind swept chill. But quickening is palpable. Sunbeams dance as waves tease the shore. The occasional beach stroller, newly sans hat and gloves, will notice a softness to the … Continue reading

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Hopeful Signs

  tentative and shy peeking from sunny corners hopeful signs of spring

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Memory Jog

Interesting how one thought leads to another. How one experience brings a memory into clear focus. A recent cooking class that included couscous was a reminder of a delightful dish from the Jerusalem cookbook. I hadn’t made it for about … Continue reading

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April Snow

April snow seems wrong somehow. Sheer affront to newly surfaced crocuses. Enticed by the promise of a warm sun, tender buds rose in answer. Their greeting dashed by snow’s chilly response. Like sturdy New Englanders, they will accept the moisture and … Continue reading

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