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The Beach

Afternoon on a November day. A solitary walk. The chatter of seagulls bemoaning their meager natural diet after the summer’s largess of stolen sandwiches and French fries. The rhythmic ebb and flow of the incoming tide. The shower of seaweed … Continue reading

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Not Quite Yet

  Our deck tells a story. An end of season story of wind-swept dry leaves and stacked chairs. Leaves fallen from trees, but yet to be swept. Chairs positioned to be tied down under tarps in anticipation of snow and ice to … Continue reading

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Harvest Tree

Little Harvest Tree somehow knowing that we craved your glow on this darkest of November days, you responded to your sensor that calls for light at night and blinked on to add a bit of sparkle to our day.

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Timely Repeat

  I posted this recipe three years ago. Since I plan to make it again this week, I decided that a repeat would be appropriate. This recipe for pumpkin squares, that all but sings fall and harvest, is an adaptation of a … Continue reading

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The Cocooning Season

November chill making its presence felt outside our doors. Cold wind coaxing dry leaves into a choreographed dance.   Listless gray skies casting dim light over an increasingly colorless landscape. But inside there is a cloak of warmth and light. A … Continue reading

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Sunrise, Sunset

Captured memory from the deck of a cruise ship. Simple wonders of nature occur every day. Sun rises; sun sets. Luxury of time to notice.

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Slow Down

  And the seasons change. Daylight no longer saved. Darkness shrouds late afternoon. Illuminated pumpkins guard the door. Replacing geraniums and mums of summer and early fall. Taking their turn to shine before being replaced by the trees and wreaths … Continue reading

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