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Not Your Average Fried Eggs

I definitely feel like the latecomer to the party. Evidently, Julia Turshen’s “Olive Oil-Fried Eggs with Yogurt+Lemon” has been the rage of food blogs since her cookbook, Small Victories, was published last year. I own (and love) the book, and … Continue reading

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Billings Farm

  Woodstock, Vermont. Essence of bucolic. Window framed cow peacefully surveying undulating fields. Clusters of apples, heavy with juice, bending branches with their bounty. All bound together and enriched by judiciously posted bursts of poetry.

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furry companion proxmity his simple need my purring buddy

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Talk about a birthday gift that has opened new doors! My learning curve as a result of my new paella pan has carried me through a cultural history of paella, and a study of various authentic recipes. The recipe I … Continue reading

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Seasonal Smile

To every season, let there be a touch of whimsey. Perhaps as simple as: a glass pumpkin  a battery pack  a string of lights  Glowing symbol. Generator of smiles.

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Ode to Magna-Tiles

  In a world of ignored broken forgotten outgrown played with once toys, you reign supreme. Your price justified by years of happy, creative, continued use.

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That In Between Season

  Transition time. Labor Day weekend frenzy all but forgotten. Paths quiet now. Leaves yet to fall, but a slight chill from the north lingers in the air. A cinnamon candle burns on the mantle. Like squirrels, we gather. Winter … Continue reading

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