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On the Train

Riding on the caboose of the runaway train of summer. Hand raised in a wave of farewell to warm surf and blazing sunsets. Train slows to a chug as we pass a lone fisherman on a quiet inlet. Peaceful now … Continue reading

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Perfect Beach Day

  There are certain days that will linger in memory. Days when the sand and sea and sky sing in perfect harmony. When the breeze is soft and the clouds trail in lacy wisps across an impossibly blue sky. When … Continue reading

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Ornamental August

Nature provides decorative touches. No artifice needed. Rising from a tangle of foliage, yellow flowers tilt their faces to mirror the sun. Tucked in clusters amid sheltering leaves, grape tomatoes, each answering an individual call, slowly ripen, one by one, … Continue reading

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Tip of the Day

    I’m not going to pretend that this is an original idea. I wish that I could remember where I first saw this technique, but I was grateful for the tip yesterday and wanted to share it. Shaving either … Continue reading

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Chicken and Artichokes

I read food blogs for inspiration. I rarely follow an actual recipe, but every now and then, I read something that provokes an “aha” moment. A recipe on Skinnytaste included marinating boneless chicken thighs in the contents of a jar … Continue reading

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  we mow to control life’s tangle of hay and weeds but flowers still bloom

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New Approach

Actually an old technique for a new fish. I’ve used a reversed batter method for sautéing fish that I learned from Marion Morash via Sarah Chase successfully for a while now. It works beautifully for any relatively thin fillet that … Continue reading

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Sounds of Change

With a ping and a clunk and a ding and a pop striking the deck with percussive verve, the acorn instruments in Autumn’s orchestra sound the overture of the coming season.

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Striper Recipe Revisited

Striped Bass in tomato sauce over pasta was once a favorite around here, but for some reason, it had dropped out of the rotation. This year’s Striper bounty has been simply grilled or braised. But last night, I updated the … Continue reading

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  Sunsets seem softer now. More glow than blaze. Dusk arrives a bit earlier each day. Subtle reminder summer’s peak has passed.

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