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Walking Miss Daisy

There are challenges inherent in co-habitating with a dog. Notice I avoided using the verb “owning.” Our dogs have always owned us. There are obvious challenges like shedding and muddy paws and having to plan ahead for an absence of … Continue reading

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New Addition

In an effort to make my blog a bit more user friendly, I’ve added a list of categories. Now, if you’re trying to locate a bread recipe or one of the spiralizer recipes, you no longer have to wade through … Continue reading

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Fresh Vegetables and Shells Pasta

This casserole was inspired by a dish on Skinnytaste called “Summer Cavatelli with Corn, Tomatoes and Zucchini.” I changed so many things, other than the three vegetables, that you might want to check out the original recipe if you’re interested … Continue reading

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  Sunsets are like snowflakes. Similar on the surface, yet unique in subtle ways. Eliciting responses ranging from the joy-filled delight of a novice’s first experience to the quiet appreciation of the local observer. Redundancy never an issue. Time spent at … Continue reading

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A Girl and Her Towel

A blankie worn by repeated washings. A teddy with a torn ear. A cherished Booie the rabbit. Still in a box in the attic. Love objects all. But for Daisy, Only an old, soft towel will do.

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Grasp the Moment Time

    Grandchildren and Fairy Houses. Warm ocean water and gentle breezes. Sunshine and lobster rolls. The best summer has to offer ours for the savoring. Revel in these perfect moments and then tuck them away in memory for safekeeping.

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Mid-Summer Morning Poem

  Misty moisty mid-summer morning. Almost gritty feel of sea salt on skin. Taste of salt on lips. Dew drops shimmer on climbing ivy. Slight breeze barely moving the lush canopy of leaves. Feel enveloped by green. Tiny yellow birds … Continue reading

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