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Almost Back To Normal

  April started on a cruise ship and is ending with a toilet in the driveway. It was only there briefly while the plumber left to get something back at the shop, but it symbolizes home renovation for me. Things … Continue reading

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Lentils and Rice

I’ve blogged this recipe before, but it deserves a re-run. It’s been out of our rotation for a while, but as of this week, it’s back in! Lentils and rice are an inspired combination. I’ve been intrigued by a recipe … Continue reading

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Spiralized Zucchini With Lentil Bolognese

This post is actually a visit to a recipe that I posted a year ago that I plan to make tonight.  I’ve been thinking about ways to incorporate protein rich ingredients into meatless dishes. Lentils fit that bill. They are … Continue reading

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Vocal Sam

  Spent some time this morning on the internet reading about why aging cats howl. Yes, I’ve asked the vet. He said, “They do that.” He also suggested that Sam might be deaf, which actually appears to be the case. The … Continue reading

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Outdoor Space

  Amazing how the arrival of spring expands our living space. A new umbrella shades the table that becomes our lunch spot of choice. Summer will make it our pick spot for all meals, but happy to start the ritual with … Continue reading

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And Now For Dessert

We don’t normally eat dessert. Even on the cruise, we waved away the dessert menu. But at Tamarind, the amazing Oriental restaurant on the ship, there was a line item listing a fortune cookie for dessert. That seemed simple enough, … Continue reading

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Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean water almost artificial in hue.   Crayola blue on a child’s picture of the sea. Cold rain, sleet, snow at home. A brief flight south. Escape for us. Cruise ship a floating hotel, Early morning coffee and croissants on … Continue reading

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