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IMG_3993When I was teaching, March was always the longest month of the school year. No holidays or vacations to break up the rhythm of day to day life. A month of weather that teased with flashes of warmth only to retreat back to icy winds and snow.

Outside of the classroom, March remains March. An in-between month with ties to both winter and spring. One day reaching for a light jacket; the next a down coat. Landscape looks pretty bleak without snow cover in spite of the crocuses sprouting among dry leaves in the sunny area in front of the house. I did notice that last year’s rosemary had survived the winter. Tough little plant that managed to cling to life in a planter on the deck.

Daisy was under the weather yesterday for some reason. She was moving pretty slowly and slept most of the day. In true Daisy fashion, she ate well, so hopefully, it’s nothing serious and she’ll bounce back today. We worry about her perhaps more than we should, but it’s hard not to. We’re responsible for her well-being. For a seemingly sturdy animal, she’s always been a hot house flower, prone to any allergy or illness or injury that could possibly occur.

And then there’s Sam. Going strong at sixteen. He goes to the vet once a year for a checkup and necessary shots. No tests. No collection of ailments and row of various meds like his buddy, Daisy. He gets the leftover attention and affection that Daisy doesn’t claim.

I did brush him  yesterday. He sprawled out in a long stretch to make sure that I reached every spot. He seemed so happy with the extra attention that I felt guilty that I didn’t brush him more often. Note to self: pay more attention to Sam.

Need to focus on the good things about March instead of just viewing it as a transition month. Part of the problem is that we have a cruise scheduled for the first week in April. As I sit at my computer bundled in sweats, I’m eyeing the new capris and bathing suits that are earmarked for the trip. Thinking about the future instead of the moment.

Life is good now. Had the opportunity to watch our granddaughter’s amazing prowess at a swim meet last weekend. Friends coming for dinner tonight. Planning to look at a slideshow of time we spent together in Florida last month. Just got an email from a neighbor about getting together at a restaurant next week. Settled on plans for new flooring for the tiled area of the downstairs.

Right now, I hear Daisy stirring. Need to focus on the morning routine.

About Mary Jane

I am a retired English teacher. My husband, Frank, and I have lived on Cape Cod since 2000. I am a lifelong bread baker and writer and have been posting a blog on Falmouth Patch for the last few years. Savory Seasons has been largely devoted to recipes and food in general. I am hoping to expand my focus in this new blog.
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