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Quicks Hole Tavern

You know that it’s the off season in Woods Hole by the number of parking spaces readily available, even on a Saturday night, and by the sign on the meter noting free parking. The lingering warmth of an unseasonable day … Continue reading

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Grasp the Moment Time

  We have wondered in the past if we would take a walk of our own volition. One without a dog providing the impetus. Well, based on yesterday, I guess the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” It was after lunch. … Continue reading

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Fog and Birdsong

Morning visit to Daisy’s side yard next to the garage. I stand by the door waiting for the morning ritual to be completed.  Depending on the season, I huddle in a jacket and ski hat, tapping my foot and muttering, … Continue reading

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Morning Light

Too early for robins. Eight of them. Clamoring for seed on our front lawn. But they came. Too early to lust for spring on our little strip of land jutting out into the cold ocean. Too early to put away … Continue reading

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Bonus Day

A rare February day when the sky mirrors the blue of summer. When temperatures  in the 50’s elicit smiles of delight. When it’s not only possible but mandatory to move chairs to the snow free deck. When a squirrel does a happy … Continue reading

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Saying No to No Fat

My last blog was about socks; this one is about cheese. Maybe I should get out more. For the record, life is way too short to eat no fat cheese. A mistake found its way into our grocery cart. I … Continue reading

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Icelandic Wool Socks

Instant immersion back into winter.  Florida sunshine a fleeting memory. Here the icy chill of a snow laden ground. Whistle of wind through bare tree branches. Comfort food the only possible remedy. A bacon and eggs kind of day. A chicken soup kind of day. … Continue reading


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  So much more than a snapshot of a pier. Conjurer of captured memories of a day in February far from New England’s icy breath. Of sunshine and warm sand. Of barefoot wandering at water’s edge. Of seashells. Of comfortable easy friendship … Continue reading

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Back Home

  Thinking about the pros and cons of winter travel. A week’s stay in southern Florida in February is almost surreal. Days on the beach. Evenings at outdoor restaurants. Easy to get lulled into thinking that it’s situation normal, even … Continue reading

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Canine Still Life

  Canine still life. Thoughtful surveillance of a familiar world newly blanketed in snow. Scents muted. Sounds muffled.  

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