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A Kitten At Heart

There’s still a kitten hiding somewhere inside that sixteen year old cat. His Christmas present – bluebird that shoots a laser dot – entices leaps into the air and batting practice normally seen in a much younger creature. And Sam … Continue reading

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Early Morning On the Road

  Feeling slightly out of place on the road at 7:30 A.M. Commuting no longer part of my world. Meeting a friend for breakfast. Anticipating a leisurely hour or more of relaxed chatter. No agenda in sight. Passing the exit … Continue reading

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Sea Breeze of Hope

There’s a small parking lot in West Falmouth behind the post office where the breeze always carries the scent of the sea. Even in January when you don’t expect it. Getting out of the car yesterday, I was greeted by the … Continue reading

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Winter Birds

  Winter has officially been declared. The kitchen birds are unadorned. The winter months lack celebratory symbols. The birds no longer wear the bells of Christmas. The acorns and leaves of fall. The tiny Easter eggs of spring . The flowers … Continue reading

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They’re Worth It

Read a comment yesterday that a house wasn’t really a home unless there was animal hair on every available surface. Well, I guess we qualify! I read the quote shortly after complaining about that very same fact. I spent the … Continue reading

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Perfect little package of sunshine. A splash of color on a winter’s day. With a name more lyrical than mere tangerine. A chorus in a basket encouraging us to join in singing a sweet citrus song.

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Tweaking Recipes

Like a squirrel gathering nuts and storing them in a hollow tree against future need, I scan recipes and gather tidbits of knowledge that I incorporate into future dishes. I haven’t been posting many new recipes lately. For the past … Continue reading

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  So very cold. Listening to the occasional crunch of ice as a car makes a cautious journey past our house. Our house on a hill, perfectly poised for sea breezes in summer, reaps the bane of icy winds in winter. Strangely … Continue reading

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Snow Dog

  First snowfall was a novelty. Feathery light. Easy to navigate. Snowflakes landing on a nose a source of delight. A leisurely morning stroll. Second blast a bit of a shock. What’s a girl to do when the snow is … Continue reading

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Moon Shell

  A perfect Moon shell. Treasure randomly tossed by a restless sea on the shores of the Outer Banks.  Shell seekers on a lonely stretch of beach, footprints leaving temporary evidence of their journey. A broken Conch,   Jingle shells, their … Continue reading

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