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Mini Corn Muffins

This recipe, adapted from a Food 52 website, makes 24 mini muffins. As written, each muffin would ring in at 4 Weight Watcher points. With the modifications I’ve included in parenthesis, you can get it down to 3 points each … Continue reading

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Learned Behavior

  Knowing what works. A cute face with a pleading look resting on a leg gets results. Page is marked; the book is closed. Her person responds. Needs, whether real or imagined, are fulfilled. Leaving no doubt about who’s in charge.

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Quiet Week

Excitement of anticipation has reached its peak with Christmas morning. Shower of wrapping paper now stuffed into trash bags in the garage. Santa safely tucked back at the North Pole. No doubt exhausted by his efforts. The elf has abandoned … Continue reading

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Aunt Loretta’s Tablecloth

  A vintage cloth. A family memory. Crafted by hands long stilled. A bit faded. Somewhat worn. Faint traces of celebratory wine only adding to its value in our eyes. Its presence a gift, calling up the memory  of those who once sat around … Continue reading

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Thing About Dogs

When an old smelly sneaker reminiscent of your person can be the greatest treasure of all.

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Lamb and Artichoke Stew

Christmas is all about nostalgia. In the cookies we make year after year, and the decorations that are unboxed and spread around the house. And this year, in the making of a dish that was once a company staple, but … Continue reading

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Deck Tree

By day, stark branches that share kinship with their winter bare brethren. By night, a glow that defies the inky blackness and radiates the warmth and promise of the season of light.

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