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Puffin Ornament

Opening the box of tree ornaments takes the lid off of memories. We are long past the point where our ornaments are merely decorative. Each one evokes a flash of recognition of a time or place or person. The wooden star, decorated with crayon … Continue reading

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Nap Time

Sleeping in sunshine. Crumpled heap of golden fur on his perch of choice- dented spot, matted with fur perfectly positioned for warmth of afternoon light. Watched over by a portrait of his buddy. Safe, secure, content.

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Day After Thanksgiving

  ‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving and all through the house, signs could be seen that change was about. Their season past, pumpkins now rest high on a shelf. Beribboned wreathes decorate the front of the house. And the kitchen birds have donned their bells.

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Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe

  Let’s face it. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Ruth Reichl, in My Kitchen Year, admits that her pumpkin pie recipe comes from the back of the can. She doesn’t specify which can. But I’ll specify my choice. In my … Continue reading

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And the Daisy Saga Continues

  We live in a dog house. That’s a fact; not an exaggeration. Our couches are covered because Daisy likes to sleep on them. Labs might look like they have a smooth coat, but they shed big time. She’s managed … Continue reading

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November’s Gusty Breath

Some days just whisper “November.” Other days are not so subtle. This morning’s message rang loud and clear. November’s gusty breath was busy blowing out the candles on the birthday cake of summer.

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Tree Outside My Window

Yesterday, you were lush and green. Wind merely rustled your sturdy leaves. Warmed by sun and nourished by gentle rain, you stood tall and proud. Time passes. Seasons change. Supple green has given way to papery yellow. Lacking strength to … Continue reading

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Outer Banks

Outer Banks of North Carolina in November. Miles of beach populated by seabirds alone. Barefoot wandering in still warm water. Shore fishing for dinners of shockingly fresh fish. Delight in securing sustenance from  waters outside one’s door. Gathering of shells casually … Continue reading

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Cat in the Bag

Duffle open on the bed waiting to be packed. No room for clothes. Already filled with soundly sleeping Sam.

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Shaken by election results. Struggling to understand. Trying to find a glimmer of hope that bigotry won’t prevail. That the sun will shine and the breeze will gently blow away the fear that clouds my every thought. Some day soon, … Continue reading

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