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Vegetable and White Bean Soup

Seems a bit odd to be posting a blog about vegetable soup on Halloween, but we’re Weight Watcher inspired, and this soup is healthy and wonderful and only two points per cup. Method: 1. Chop the following vegetables into a similar dice: … Continue reading

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Stuffed Squash

Stuffing leftovers into acorn squash halves is not a new thing for me, but this time the rationale behind it was all about keeping Weight Watchers points to a minimum. I had leftover meatballs. Meatballs are not friendly points-wise. One … Continue reading

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Back to Points!

In the Weight Watchers mindset yet again. Not a bad place to be. It makes one think about reasonable food choices, and leads to real eye-opening discoveries like the 35 point count value for the Caesar Salad I was considering at … Continue reading

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It’s Time

Time to turn on the heat as the night time temperature plummets,  and morning arrives in darkness with a grimace in lieu of a sparkling smile. Time to say goodbye to the once lush impatiens that now languish drooped and … Continue reading

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Kitchen Magic

  Handfuls of flour. Sprinkle of salt. Shower of yeast. Liquid to combine and bloom. Hands to prod and stretch. Flow of energy stimulating growth. Time and air and a bit of fairy dust giving lift and rise. Heat the … Continue reading

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Expanded Palate

A basket of produce sits on the counter. Butternut squash, rutabaga, acorn squash, apples. Comfort food that sings of Autumn in New England. Nestled alongside is ginger root. Once foreign; now common. Tastes expanded. Cultures linked.

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Good To Be Home

I keep this little drawing on my desktop. The kids are growing up so fast that I like to hold onto the memory of the inventive spelling of their kindergarten days. I also like the sentiment. It mirrors how I … Continue reading

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