White Bean Spread


Amazing what can result from a can of white kidney beans and a handful of kale. We had friends coming for a simple dinner the other night. A one pot chicken stew was on the menu, and I was thinking about what I could make for an appetizer using ingredients I had on hand. Enter a can of Goya Cannellini Beans, and some extra kale that hadn’t made it into the kale soup that we had for lunch.


Goya Cannellini Beans (15.5 oz. can)
I lemon
1 clove garlic
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. freshly ground pepper
few dashes Tabasco
olive oil
French bread slices
kale (optional garnish)


1. Rinse and drain the beans. Put them in the bowl of a small food processor.
2. Add the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon.
3. Crush and finely chop a clove of garlic. Add to the mix.
4. Add the salt, pepper, and Tabasco ( or equivalent hot sauce.)
5. Start the food processor, slowly adding olive oil until you get a smooth spreading consistency.

You could, of course, serve this with pita bread, but I brushed slices of French bread with a bit of olive oil, seasoned them with a little sea salt and toasted them in a hot oven for a few minutes until they were crisp. They were a nice base for the bean spread.

As for the kale:

Chop it into fairly small pieces and toss with a bit of olive oil and salt. If you’re toasting slices of bread on a sheet pan in the oven, you can just add the kale to the same pan. If not, a frying pan on top of the stove works equally as well. Cook the kale until it’s crispy, and remove to paper towels to absorb any extra oil.

A basket of toasted bread, a bowl of bean spread, come crispy kale ( and maybe a sprinkle of dukkah,) was a nice lead in to dinner with friends.


About Mary Jane

I am a retired English teacher. My husband, Frank, and I have lived on Cape Cod since 2000. I am a lifelong bread baker and writer and have been posting a blog on Falmouth Patch for the last few years. Savory Seasons has been largely devoted to recipes and food in general. I am hoping to expand my focus in this new blog.
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