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Golden Hour

Big Guy behind the lens. Shortly before sunset. The golden hour. Magic time when daylight softens  and takes on a rosy glow. Motionless. Silent. Poised to capture one elusive perfect moment. 

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Shining Seas

No bike riding today.  A steady rain is falling.  Thinking about a recent ride on the aptly named Shining Seas Bike Path from Falmouth to Woods Hole. Sunbeams danced on the sparkling water and were reflected in the smiles of … Continue reading

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Cookout Season’s Closing Bell

Cookout opportunities are becoming more rare. Dusk falls too early and the evening breeze tends to be brisk rather than balmy. As it should be. September is winding to a close. But we did grasp the moment on Friday for … Continue reading

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September’s Usual Song

Inside it’s Fall. Pumpkins and mums deck tables and desk tops. Candles give off scents of cinnamon and apple. A butternut squash sits on the counter. Outside is another matter. Nights might be cool, but the forecast predicts a daytime … Continue reading

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Season for Bike Riding

New Rule: Bike helmets stay in the house instead of on a shelf in the garage. Thanks to the gnawing little teeth of our resident mice, our first bike ride of the season started with a visit to Art’s Bike … Continue reading

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September Beach

The sea of orange umbrellas has trickled to a stream.  Frenetic dash of summer has given way to a September stroll.  Sun has traded blaze for gentle warmth. A peaceful season by Autumn’s quiet shore.

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White Bean Spread

Amazing what can result from a can of white kidney beans and a handful of kale. We had friends coming for a simple dinner the other night. A one pot chicken stew was on the menu, and I was thinking … Continue reading

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