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Changing of the Guard

Hearty yellow violas of spring have been replaced by the red and white impatiens of summer. Seasonal shade cover more pronounced now that the trees have their full complement of leaves. A bit puzzled by my decision to buy impatiens right under … Continue reading

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Sausages and Peppers Over Mashed Potatoes

Italian sausages and peppers are a treat under most circumstances. They are often served on a crusty bun. Having them as part of a cookout, outside on a summer day, with grease dribbling down your chin is a fun part of … Continue reading

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New Door Opens

  Thinking about how doors open. Often unexpectedly. Selling the boat was a good thing. We were ready to say goodbye to all of the aspects of boat ownership. Its time had come and gone with no regrets. It was … Continue reading

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Daisy on the Mend

Grateful for the fact that Daisy is oblivious to the noise produced by firework displays. I’ve known dogs that actually had to be medicated to help them get through the trauma of the noise. Not our Daisy. She’s pretty laid back … Continue reading

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Watermelon Stars

The crowds on the Cape this weekend have been daunting. Glorious weather and the fact that the actual holiday fell on a Monday contributed to the volume, I’m sure. Grateful, yet again, that we won’t be part of the massive … Continue reading

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Homemade Strawberry Jam

The kids picked strawberries at a local farm when they were here last weekend. The strawberries were lovely, and very ripe. Fearful that they would be past their prime if they were left to sit for another day, we decided to … Continue reading

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First of July

The first. An assumption that something more will follow. The optimist views with anticipation. The pessimist with wary skepticism. The wise follow their better angels and envision a July of warm sand and gentle waves. Convivial clambakes. Blazing sunsets, and, of … Continue reading

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