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Hazy, Humid Time

The Morning Glory still sings a greeting, but daylight is slower to arrive and earlier to leave. July is winding down. It’s the hazy, humid time. Thunderstorm time. Brief deluges of water that add moisture to already heavy air. A slow … Continue reading

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Poor Man’s Butter

I was scanning a list of titles of new cookbooks that are scheduled to be released this fall when I was reminded of a quote from James Beard. “There are really no new recipes, only millions of variations sparked by … Continue reading

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Waiting by the Door

  With a sigh like a deflated balloon, she settled by the door. “It’s only a two hour meeting,” I chided. “He’ll be back soon.” She just snorted in reply. With the memory of the weekend still strong, she was … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Daisy

It’s Monday morning. Frank got home yesterday. I knew that his car had turned in the driveway when a flash of yellow blasted past me heading for the back door. You have to love a Lab. I’ve never seen a … Continue reading

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He’ll Be Home Tomorrow

Frank is away for a couple of nights at a photography workshop. Daisy and Sam are very confused. Morning usually means a trip upstairs to have an after breakfast snooze while Frank has his coffee. Daisy knew that something was up … Continue reading

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Summer Bounty in a Bowl

There are as many recipes and techniques for ratatouille as there are cooks. Sarah Leah Chase demonstrated a roasted version at Highfield last Spring, cutting the various vegetables in sizes based on how long it took to cook each one. … Continue reading

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Gypsy Moths

And now they are moths. Clinging to screens and shingles and outdoor furniture. Filling the trees with fluttering movement. No longer tethered to earth,  caterpillars morphed into flight.

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