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Old Silver Beach

sparkling clear water enchantingly beckoning  on a day in June

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Comfy Cone

The Daisy Saga continues. Yes, that’s a cone to prevent her from licking her foot. A “Comfy Cone.” Does anyone who knows us think she would be in the hard plastic version? She only wears it when we can’t watch … Continue reading

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Macaroni Salad

It’s cookout season. Everyone has a recipe for macaroni salad. Some recipes are better than others. I’ve sampled a wide range of salads. Everything from a macaroni salad dressed with bottled Italian dressing to one loaded with pepperoni and cheese. The norm seems to be … Continue reading

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Reminiscent of Pad Thai

This salad, adapted from, contains spiralized zucchini and quinoa. The peanuts, ginger and Sriracha in the sauce contribute to the sense that you’re eating a cousin of real Pad Thai. It’s light and good as it is, but I … Continue reading

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Gypsy Moth Droppings

  Early morning on the deck. Quiet now with family still sleeping. Just me and the birds. And the Daddy Long Legs carefully picking its way through the Gypsy Moth droppings. Idly thinking that I really need to sweep the deck … Continue reading

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Lure of the circle of fire  transcends time, place, and culture. Like ancient peoples before us, we are captivated and soothed by dancing flames and shooting sparks. Our high pressure, technology driven world fades away and magic rules the night  

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Once Just Leftovers

It’s now trendy to call them “bowls,” but in most instances, we’re talking about leftovers. I had to smile when I started seeing the “bowls” trend cropping up on food blogs. Didn’t know that my penchant for leftover meats, vegetables … Continue reading

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And Now For Breakfast

The Big Guy and I have different views on appropriate breakfast food. He’s a big fan of what might be referred to as a traditional breakfast. The #2 on a diner menu. Your classic eggs, bacon or sausage, hash browns and … Continue reading

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Capture the Moment Time

It’s officially summer. Daylight arrives early and lingers long. The windows are open and the breeze hints of salt water and flowering plants. Days infused with light until the sun blazes a farewell and slips from the sky into the ocean. And … Continue reading

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Touch of Whimsey

Pansy on the breakfast plate. Little touch of whimsey that speaks volumes.  Token of artistry and attention to detail at Domaine Les Boises Lee Farm  that turned an overnight stay into a cozy, memorable experience.

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