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Newly Inspired

The promise of early spring has been dimmed a bit by a chilly rain and the nasty rumblings of potential snow during the coming weekend. Shouldn’t be surprised by this. It always snows at some point near St. Patrick’s Day. … Continue reading

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Re-visiting No-Knead Bread

Funny how things go in and out of vogue. For a long while, all one heard about was an emphasis on no or low carb. Bread was on the no fly list. Then a measure of sanity resurfaced, and bread … Continue reading

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Mercurial March

A fickle month is March. One year ago, ice flows clogged the canal.  Lawns and gardens remained blanketed by heavy snow. But not this year. Nature’s warm smile and balmy breath encourage crocuses  to open their petals in greeting as they face the morning sun. … Continue reading

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Corned Beef and Cabbage

  Irish or not, it had to be done. During the week that includes St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is just a little bit Irish, and Corned Beef and Cabbage has to make an appearance. A celebratory dish that turns up once a … Continue reading

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Touch of Nostalgia

Back to reality after a week of flowers and fireworks. Disney’s Polynesian with its flower leis and Aloha greetings. Luau hula dancers and rollicking Hoop-De-Doo Review. Electric Light Parade and Illuminations causing the nights to sparkle. A blur of rides and parades … Continue reading

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Optimism is the hallmark of spring in New England. An upturned face to catch the sun.  Time of discovery and new birth. Fledgling daffodils  burst through their winter blanket of dry leaves. A tiny crocus yawns at the break of day.

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Amish Quilt

I read a description of a quilt as “a conversation in cloth.” True on so many levels. I’ve seen quilts that literally tell a story by their very design. There are others that have been crafted from scraps of material artfully … Continue reading

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Gloveless Hands

So conscious of the wind. Then it occurred to me that there was little to muffle the sound. No snow on the ground, and the branches are bare. Last year at this time, we thought that spring would never come. … Continue reading

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Lovely Lemon

tart gift of citrus to brighten a winter’s day a squirt of sunshine

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