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Cracking the Code on Crust

I’ve never been able to make a good pie crust. You know, the flaky, tender kind of crust. The kind of crust that my friend, Mary, unerringly turns out. But I may have cracked the code. The Big Guy wanted … Continue reading

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Yesterday and Today

Shades of yesterday’s storm still clinging to the door. Frigid reminder of fury, now spent, in the face of the dawn of a quiet new day.

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Spiralized Sweet Potato & Onion Pancakes

Using a Martha Stewart tip and cutting an onion near an open flame eliminates the tear factor. And using the slicer blade on the Spiralizer makes short work of the process. The most basic recipes for potato latkes (or fritters … Continue reading

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Floral Sunshine

single perfect rose sunshine on a snowy day window sill still life

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Polenta Rules

Still struggling to perfect Pork Chops and Vinegar Peppers. I thought that following a Cook’s Illustrated recipe would be the ticket, but the pork was still tough. The sauce was good. Deciding to make polenta to go with the dish … Continue reading

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The Mountain Awaits

Sheer joy on the slopes. Fledgling athlete feeling the first flush of mastery as his body responds with a natural rhythm making him one with his skis. Bunny slope conquered. On to the chair lift. The mountain awaits his enthusiastic … Continue reading

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