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Frank’s Chicken Angelo

Frank cooked last night. He chose a recipe from The North End Italian Cookbook (Fourth Edition). The original recipe starts with whole chickens and feeds twelve people. This version uses boneless chicken thighs, eliminates or substitutes a few ingredients, and is basically … Continue reading

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Joyful Sound

A birdsong chorus woke the crocus on this chilly  February morning. Not just one tentative chirp sung by a lonely traveler hoping for a companion, but a choir of joyful sound. A celebratory, hopeful, harbinger of spring sound that the crocus could … Continue reading

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Rice Cooker Steamed Eggs

After yet another frustrating experience attempting to peel a hard boiled egg (egg on the left), I read an article in the latest issue of Cook’s Illustrated that the best way to ensure easy peeling is to steam rather than boil an … Continue reading

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Wooden Bench

A bench by the sea. Empty now. Waiting for  the pensive dreamer to pause to contemplate the changing light over the water. For the active child to climb on its seat and leap to the ground with a crow of delight. … Continue reading

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Capture the Thought

Days have a way of slipping by. If I don’t write in the morning, life often gets in the way, and I don’t get around to blogging. A little piece of me gets lost on those days. Along similar lines, I … Continue reading

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Daisy’s Birthday

Daisy turns eight today. That feisty, thick-headed, stubborn puppy has turned into the best dog anyone could ask for. She’s a gentle friend to all she meets. From Mary Oliver’s “The Sweetness of Dogs” (Dog Songs): For Daisy and Frank who … Continue reading

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Climate Change

New Englanders have been familiar with climate change long before the term became popularized and debated. Below zero on Sunday. 52 degrees on Tuesday. Once snow covered deck now temporarily bare. Boots kicked in a corner, but not stored away. In our part of … Continue reading

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Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

I’ve stuffed peppers and zucchini and eggplant and acorn squash in the past. This was my first attempt at stuffing a spaghetti squash shell, but it won’t be the last. Great to have a complete meal tucked into a vegetable that … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine flowers vivid splashes of color in a cold white world

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Crepes (With Spiralized Vegetables)

I stumbled across an old recipe for crab crepes the other day. Glancing through the recipe brought back a flood of memories. Memories of San Francisco where I bought the cookbook. Of making the recipe as my “go to” company dish … Continue reading

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