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Memorable Dinner Party

We’ve been on an out to lunch, dinner at a friend’s, and movie kick lately. Not much cooking going on around here. I did make a homemade pizza last night, but it was with dough that I had made a couple … Continue reading

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Happy Retired Guy

Frank makes himself breakfast every morning. He doesn’t exactly whistle while he works, but he does exude a happy little aura as he toasts his bread and fries his eggs. It makes his day when there’s a leftover baked potato in … Continue reading

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Every Day Events

Recently read an interesting quote from the writings of Gertrude Stein: “Anything one does every day is important and imposing, and anywhere one lives is interesting and beautiful.” I’ve been thinking about things that I do every day. Taking Daisy out to … Continue reading


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A New Day

  The dinosaur has retreated into memory if indeed it ever existed at all. The light of day and warmth of sunshine unlocking  the shackles of heavy snow. The ebb and flow of winter mirroring life. 

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Different Views

To some, a snow covered tree bent by the wind. To others, a dinosaur whose roar  will resound across the frozen landscape.

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World Outside My Window

Swirling snow caught in window screens. A blur of white shielding my view of the storm raging outside. The outline of swaying branches and the howl of the wind telling a tale I’m content to ignore as I sit at my desk and sip … Continue reading

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Convenient Spiralizing

I’ve been using the Spiralizer quite a bit lately,  testing some new recipes for a class that will be offered at Highfield in May. The upcoming class was the impetus to get back to using it, but I find myself reaching for it again … Continue reading

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Lentil Bolognese Over Zoodles

Lentils and spiralized zucchini are a pretty powerful combination. You have lentils packed with fiber and protein, and a vegetable instead of a starch as a base. The lentils have enough texture to successfully take the place of meat in the … Continue reading

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Early Morning Snow

                                                             A frosting snow               … Continue reading

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Veal Stew (Or Lamb, Or Beef)

Leftovers will rule the day in the food department around here today. Friends were here for yesterday’s Patriot’s playoff game, and calzones and egg rolls are wrapped and tucked in the refrigerator, just waiting to be re-heated. We also have … Continue reading

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