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Yesterday with Betsy and Lauren at a performance of The Nutcracker, it flashed through my mind that it wasn’t really Christmas until the tree was touched with magic and grew to reach the top of the stage. That’s the thing about … Continue reading

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Tender Meatballs

This recipe for meatballs from Rao’s restaurant in New York has been appearing on various sites for a while now. It was also included in Food52’s collection of Genius Recipes. I finally got around to trying it this week. The … Continue reading

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Stalwart Geraniums

Perhaps a sign of optimism. Or a flash of sheer stubbornness. The geraniums of summer refuse to bow to Nature’s chilly snub, and make the choice to stand tall and live.

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Situation Normal

If Frank is in the kitchen, Daisy likes to stick close by just in case there’s a handout headed in her direction. Probably because she knows what a soft touch he is! Her sidekick, Sam, isn’t in it for the food. … Continue reading

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Home From Disney

Wonderful week, but happy to be home. My fear that spending time surrounded by the sights and sounds of a Disney Christmas would leave me satiated before our Christmas even began didn’t materialize. I came home eager to decorate. Frank was … Continue reading

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