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Pithy Advice

Just read that Larry Smith has come out with a new book: The Best Advice in Six Words. My favorite quote from his original Six-Word Memoirs came from Nora Ephron: “Secret of Life: marry an Italian.” I love the concept of … Continue reading

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Roses in November

It was a button up weekend. Summer furniture has been covered with tarp or tucked in the attic space above the garage. The outdoor kitchen is closed. Funny thing about the grill. We always think that we’ll grill until it … Continue reading

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Ode to a Rutabaga

My friend, Diane, shared Mary Oliver’s poem on the wonder of snails in a salt marsh giving me the courage to pen an ode to the simple rutabaga. Even a lowly root vegetable can be an object of praise. During this … Continue reading

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Revisiting Stuffed Acorn Squash

It’s been one of those weeks. Daily appointments and commitments. The kind of week that truly makes you wonder how you were able to function while adding a full time job to the mix. While scanning a magazine in a waiting room, … Continue reading

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I can’t be the only person who responds favorably to the Autumn time change . I love morning light, and being enveloped by the early darkness elicits memories of being home with Betsy when she was very small. We would close the … Continue reading

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First of November

On the bike path, windswept leaves;  a tangle of bittersweet, A time for turned up collars and a quickened step. With the “spring forward and fall back” rhyme ringing in our ears, we deduct an hour of  daylight from our afternoon, … Continue reading

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