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Mellow Yellow

Fall is mellow here by the sea.  Lacking the riotous splash of red that maples favor, our oaks are more subdued. They don a cloak of yellow that shimmers  when reflected in the blue water or simply framed by the azure sky. … Continue reading

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Same Style

Something caught my eye as I was headed downstairs this morning past the rogues’ gallery of family pictures that line our stairwell. A picture of a younger me with a three year old Betsy at Stone Zoo. What caused me to pause … Continue reading

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It’s So October

Singing an October song. Carved pumpkins perch  on the front steps. Mums stand guard at the door. Leaves dance across the lawn. An eerie rush of wind emits a mournful whine.   And Halloween eyeballs stare out from Lauren’s mini-cupcakes. 

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Simple Mushroom Bolognese

The light version of mushroom bolognese that I made last night was simple and good, but I’m going to consider it a work in progress. I made it with dried shiitake and white button mushrooms because that’s what I had on … Continue reading

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Holding Hands

Michael’s drawing tells the story of a happy day better than a photograph ever could. An October day of sunshine and pumpkins and smiling faces. A family holding hands.

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Homemade Tomato Soup With Spiralized Vegetables

Opening a can of Campbell’s isn’t a bad thing, as long as you make it with at least half milk and not just water. But homemade tomato soup is so much better. I took inspiration from Joanne Chang’s recipe for … Continue reading

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Transition Time

The door is closed now. Summer’s center left to wind swept leaves and a litter of acorns. Transition time. Not yet buttoned up for winter. Outdoor furniture, abandoned but still in place. Fireplace illuminated by candles instead of logs. A … Continue reading

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