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Disposable Pastry Bags

I’ve never owned a pastry bag with different sized tips. Probably because I don’t decorate a lot of cakes. And realistically, cleaning a cloth pastry bag has never been at the top of my “must try” list. But I wanted … Continue reading

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Rainy Day

Not the best of days. Wind driven rain. Leaves, already weakened by Autumn’s color shift, being rudely ripped from branches. Yesterday’s gentle tumble a distant memory. Trying not to let my mood mirror the day. Telling myself that the prescribed … Continue reading

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Meandering with Daisy

It is not every day that the world arranges itself into a poem. Wallace Stevens I was thinking about this quote as Daisy and I were on what we fondly refer to as a “neighborhood sniff.” There are days when I try … Continue reading

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Real End of the Season

For some people, the summer season ends with Labor Day; others claim that it doesn’t end until the October 12’th weekend, but for us, it doesn’t really end until the Falmouth Marathon. College friends visit from out of state; the … Continue reading

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Pull the Plug

Our refrigerator decided to stop working late last night. The light was on, but instead of cooling, it was making beeping noises. Needless to say, the refrigerator and freezer were both full in anticipation of a weekend of entertaining. Now, living … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Mini-Muffins

This is a simple recipe for pumpkin muffins. You could, of course, make ten to twelve regular muffins, but there are lots of advantages to mini-muffins. Using an appropriately sized ice cream scoop makes short work of filling either size … Continue reading

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Planning Ahead

Busy weekend coming up. Friends from Minnesota will be staying with us and other college friends will be joining us for the Pat’s game and dinner on Sunday. Planning ahead, I spent yesterday afternoon making an old, tried and true … Continue reading

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Mellow Yellow

Fall is mellow here by the sea.  Lacking the riotous splash of red that maples favor, our oaks are more subdued. They don a cloak of yellow that shimmers  when reflected in the blue water or simply framed by the azure sky.

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Same Style

Something caught my eye as I was headed downstairs this morning past the rogues’ gallery of family pictures that line our stairwell. A picture of a younger me with a three year old Betsy at Stone Zoo. What caused me to pause … Continue reading

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It’s So October

Singing an October song. Carved pumpkins perch  on the front steps. Mums stand guard at the door. Leaves dance across the lawn. An eerie rush of wind emits a mournful whine.   And Halloween eyeballs stare out from Lauren’s mini-cupcakes. 

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