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New Goal

I joined Weight Watchers this past weekend. There’s a large part of me that doesn’t like to pay for something that I should be capable of doing on my own, i.e. losing some weight. But under the heading of “know … Continue reading

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Nature’s Fairy House

Whimsical fairy houses are in vogue these days. Made by humans with wisps of gauze, shiny baubles, bark, stones and string. They beckon the etherial creatures to light on their portals and inhabit their spaces. But nature has created  a … Continue reading

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The basket of ripe, perfect, summer vegetables sitting on the counter kept coaxing me to make ratatouille. What started as a whisper early yesterday became more insistent as the day wore on. So a bowl of versatile ratatouille is now tucked in … Continue reading

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There’s Change in the Air

     Bayberries and rose hips and early sunsets.  The north wind giving chase to humidity. A sea bird’s  pensive pose, silently sensing change in the air. 

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The Seagull Scores

Lunch at Old Silver seemed like a good idea. Sea, sand, sunshine. And, oh yes, seagulls. Looks like a gentleman, doesn’t he?  Feathers smooth and clean. Head held high. But beneath that proud exterior lies the devious mind of a thief. … Continue reading

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Baking Bread

A friend once asked me why I blogged, causing me to really think about my rationale. Blogging allows me to capture a small piece of a fleeting day. It’s a tangible glimpse into moments that would otherwise be lost in the rapid … Continue reading

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August Guacamole

My counter was littered with the spoils of August this morning. A tipped over bag of freshly picked corn, plump red tomatoes, heavy with ripeness and glowing in a patch of sunlight. There were also avocados, a sweet onion, jalapeño peppers, … Continue reading

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