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Time To Read

Well, the tree has been returned to the attic space above the garage, and the ornaments and decorations safely tucked away for another year. Things always look a little empty on  un-decorating day. Even the kitchen birds remain unadorned during … Continue reading

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Common Eider Ducks

Common Eider ducks have made their return to the canal. Flashy males  decked out in glossy black and white. Sensible females garbed in understated brown.

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Crab Cakes and Salad

Guilt over the food frenzy of the past month is starting to set in. There’s still time to indulge. January 1 is really the date for tossing out the leftover cookies and becoming reacquainted with the treadmill. But I took a … Continue reading

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Winter’s Song

beach house shutters bang wind whistles through sail-less masts winter’s song is heard

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It’s All About the Children

Quiet start to what promises to be a busy day. Culmination of weeks of planning and anticipation.   Unseasonable rain continuing to stream down windows and soak ribbons on wreaths hung on doors. But it matters not at all. It’s … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Rain splashed windows  greet this day of Christmas Eve. Seems a fitting backdrop  for the spring-like flower buds  on the kitchen sills.  Even Santa must be  thankful for this day  without the snow and ice  that impede travel.  Not feeling nostalgic  … Continue reading

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Today’s Smile

Little tough guy with a heart of gold. Happy grin exposing the core of sweetness within. Poised to conquer first the ice, and then the world.

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Easy Appetizer

Having a few staples on hand makes life easier during this season of entertaining. Case in point: keeping packages of Fillo Shells (phyllo dough) in the freezer. They defrost in seconds and can be made into instant desserts ( i.e., … Continue reading

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Christmas Dishes

This is a story of Christmas dishes. A cautionary tale. Many years ago, my mother gave my sister-in-law a set of Christmas dishes. Service for eight. I’m sure her intentions were good, but plainly emblazoned on the side of the … Continue reading

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Tree Ornament, 2014

We joke about the fact that Daisy is our gift that keeps on giving. We gave a cute little purebred English Lab puppy to one another for our anniversary seven years ago, and she has been in charge ever since! … Continue reading

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