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Foods of Summer

Frank took this picture, but I’m borrowing it because it speaks volumes about our food centered weekend. Kids are here for the weekend. Now that school has started and soccer practice and games are on the calendar, their next visit to … Continue reading

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Labor Day Weekend

Logical end of summer here on the Cape. Monday will see heavily laden cars slowly making their way across bridges. Bike paths and beaches will seem strangely quiet at first, but will rapidly become normal as we ease into a quieter pace. Rose hips and … Continue reading

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Cherry Tomatoes

It’s tomato season! Field tomatoes. The real thing that tastes like sunshine. I love tomatoes in all sizes, but today I’m thinking about cherry tomatoes. August’s snack of choice. They are obviously perfect to just pop in your mouth, but … Continue reading

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Grilled Romaine

It’s long been an accepted fact that dark, leafy greens pack more of a nutritional punch that their lighter cousins. The antioxidants contained in romaine lettuce are understood to help prevent cancer. I’ve always liked romaine for its sturdy structure. The … Continue reading

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Fresh Apple Bread

This bread is called a “quick bread” with good reason. It’s about as simple as it gets. Little more than a bowl, a wooden spoon and a couple of apples, and you’re in business. I adapted this recipe from one … Continue reading

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Thinking in Haiku

Read an interesting article on the Improvisational Life site that keeps popping into my thoughts. It was about how you can notice simple things around you and express your thoughts in the 5, 7, 5 syllable form of haiku. Watch … Continue reading

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Transition Time and Pumpkin Bread

Sunsets are earlier these days. Walking on the deck barefoot isn’t advised because of the acorns that are starting to litter the area. I’ve found myself grabbing a sweater off the peg near the back door when I take Daisy … Continue reading

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I tried dukkah for the first time last week at a Highfield culinary class and immediately scrambled over to our local Spice Merchants at Mashpee Commons to get my own supply. There’s a lot of information about dukkah on line. … Continue reading

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Yes, you can buy a good version of rugelach at Costco, but sometimes it’s fun to attempt to create a classic cookie at home even if it takes a fair amount of time and creates a real mess in your kitchen. … Continue reading

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Favorite Bread

It’s not my intent to rush the season. The beach is still a draw, but the air was more than slightly cool this morning when I took Daisy out. Heading to the kitchen shortly to bake a couple of loaves of … Continue reading

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