Corn Season


One of the delights of summer is local corn. I like to buy a whole dozen at a time and cook it all. Leftover corn, cooked at its peak freshness, is better than day-old fresh corn.

You can do a lot with leftover cooked corn. Slice off the kernels and add them to a salad or salsa. Adding about a half cup of cooked kernels to a package of Jiffy corn muffin mix takes the muffins to another level. Just sauteing the leftover kernels in butter, salt and pepper is simple and great.

If you want something a little more special, this adaptation of Ina Garten’s recipe for Confetti Corn is a terrific side dish for anything from the grill. It’s particularly good if you’re entertaining a bunch of people, and you want your side dishes prepared ahead of time. The following amounts should serve six, but it’s easy to double.

You’ll need:

2 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 C chopped onion ( red or sweet )
1 red or orange bell pepper, diced
2 Tbsp butter
4 C of raw kernels cut from about 5 ears of fresh corn
1 1/2 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp freshly ground pepper
2 Tbsp (or more) julienned fresh basil


1. Saute the onion in the olive oil for a few minutes until it begins to soften.
2. Add the bell pepper and cook for a couple more minutes.
3. Add the butter to the pan.
4. When the butter melts, add the corn, salt, and pepper.
5. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, for about five minutes. Taste as you go. You’ll know when it’s perfect!
6. Stir in the basil. Add some salt and pepper if you feel that it needs it. Serve warm.

This recipe is a definite keeper.


About Mary Jane

I am a retired English teacher. My husband, Frank, and I have lived on Cape Cod since 2000. I am a lifelong bread baker and writer and have been posting a blog on Falmouth Patch for the last few years. Savory Seasons has been largely devoted to recipes and food in general. I am hoping to expand my focus in this new blog.
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2 Responses to Corn Season

  1. Being from the South, I’m a big fan of corn. My grandfather was a farmer and I remember him often going to the field, with his satchel slung over his shoulder to pick a “mess” of corn. I have no memory of eating corn on the cob down South. We only ate fried cream style corn. Painstakingly the kernels are cut, the cob is scraped for the milk juice and then all is poured in the skillet where you have fried a few pieces of bacon; but poured off most of the grease. Saute it around, add a few pats of butter, salt and pepper and some milk or cream. Never let it come to a boil or the cream will curdle though. Let it slowly simmer for awhile. I’m making myself hungry here.

  2. Mary Jane says:

    Sounds amazing! Making me hungry too.

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