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Princess in Cleats

A storybook princess is limited. Demure and quiet. Clad in diaphanous gown, glass slippers and tiara. Needing a prince to fight her battles. No such limits for our princess. Cleats on her feet, wind in her hair, gleam in her … Continue reading

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Greens and Beans

Think about skipping the meat and adding some white kidney beans to sautéd greens for a protein rich meal. Last night, I used lovely fresh spinach, but you could easily substitute Swiss chard or broccoli rabe. They’re all good. 1. Wash … Continue reading

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Daisy and the Covered Couch

Daisy has an air of entitlement. It’s not her fault. What trainers refer to as “commands,” Frank has always referred to as “suggestions.” Case in point. Daisy has a nice, comfy L.L. Bean bed. She spends nights there but prefers … Continue reading

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Summer Has A Feel

Summer is soft. Morning air heavy with dew.  Velvety flower petals in gardens, on bushes and ornamental trees. Warm sand and grass beneath bare feet. The caress of a sea breeze. Canopy of leaves shading roads and filtering the sun. … Continue reading

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The Nest

Life is full of surprises. We have planters on either side of our front door. When I went out to water the geraniums yesterday, I noticed that one planter had a tangle of straw and twigs bunched up in the … Continue reading

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Morning After

Quiet here this morning. Chairs from the party still askew on the deck. In a world accessed  by bridges, prudent to celebrate Memorial Day on Sunday to avoid the snake like chain of cars that will be exiting tonight.  Sun … Continue reading

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Vegetable Ziti

One thing I’ve learned over the years and adopted as my own way of doing things, Italians don’t just have hot dogs and hamburgers at a cookout, they have “trays” of food. And there has to be pasta somewhere on … Continue reading

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