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The Yellow Crayon

  Harold’s crayon  of choice was purple. Mother Nature selected another hue from the Crayola box. The color of sunshine. Before the green of leaves and grass, and the purple of lilac, and the pink of crabapple, her crayon touches the forsythia. … Continue reading

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I guess, technically, quandary means being uncertain about what to do in a difficult situation, so perhaps it’s not the optimum word here. My situation is not difficult, but I’m still in a quandary about it. The issue of the … Continue reading

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Tradition Inspired Food

I heard an interesting interview on NPR. Frederick Opie, a food historian who teaches at Babson , was discussing food traditions, and the concept that food is not just fuel, but feelings. Unfortunately, like so many people, we never thought … Continue reading

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Being Not Doing

Alone with  my thoughts in the stillness  of the morning.  Being not doing. Rare for me to just be. To savor the quiet of  the moment without thoughts of the need to do rushing in.

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Scent Memory

I find it fascinating how a certain song or taste or smell can transport us to another time and place with laser like efficiency. Our minds capture these sense images and keep them safely tucked until something new calls the memory sharply … Continue reading

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The Slippers

Is it because you were a source of spontaneous laughter  and delight? A touch of  nurturing and comfort beyond chocolates on the pillow? Whatever the reason, I’ll remember the slippers by the bed.

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Chatham Bars Inn

It all started out as a simple enough plan to celebrate our anniversary. Drop Daisy at the kennel and head to the Outer Cape for a couple of days of free form wandering around Provincetown, Wellfleet and Chatham, bridged by … Continue reading

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