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We’re two-thirds of the way through a three part series of cooking classes at Highfield Hall based on the Jerusalem cookbook. One of my favorite recipes from the last class, Couscous  With Tomato and Onion, is actually pretty simple. It’s … Continue reading

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Delayed Start

Spring is struggling to get a foothold this year. Bare branches still sway in a chilly wind. Even the birds are  silent this morning. Staging a strike against yet another 40 degree day. Daffodils and forsythia flash bright little beacons … Continue reading

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Coffee Cake

Truthfully, I’m not much of a baker. The chocolate cake that I posted yesterday and this coffee cake are my two “go-to” recipes when an occasion warrants a cake. The chocolate cake works for birthdays and special events. This coffee cake … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cake

Julia Child once said that, “A party without a cake is just a meeting.” Love that quote! In a way, she’s right. There’s something about a cake that makes everyone smile. I’ve been making the same chocolate cake off the … Continue reading

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Spohr Gardens

One of the rites of spring in Falmouth is a visit to Spohr Gardens for Daffodil Days. Truthfully, the gardens are at their most bucolic, peaceful and beautiful on non-event days, and thanks to a charitable trust, they are open year … Continue reading

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Starter Loaf

A friend of mine wanted to start baking bread and asked for the simplest, most foolproof recipe that I could come up with for her first attempt. I was able to give her the first recipe I ever followed when I … Continue reading

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Beach Rocks

Read an article on The Improvised Life site that sent me to the beach to forage for flat rocks. The thrust of the article was that rocks can have multiple uses. Think bookends or candle holders or simple, eye-catching sculptures. Forget the … Continue reading

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The Yellow Crayon

  Harold’s crayon  of choice was purple. Mother Nature selected another hue from the Crayola box. The color of sunshine. Before the green of leaves and grass, and the purple of lilac, and the pink of crabapple, her crayon touches the forsythia. … Continue reading

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I guess, technically, quandary means being uncertain about what to do in a difficult situation, so perhaps it’s not the optimum word here. My situation is not difficult, but I’m still in a quandary about it. The issue of the … Continue reading

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Tradition Inspired Food

I heard an interesting interview on NPR. Frederick Opie, a food historian who teaches at Babson , was discussing food traditions, and the concept that food is not just fuel, but feelings. Unfortunately, like so many people, we never thought … Continue reading

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