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Winter Salad

Winter isn’t the best season for salad. Sure, you can buy lettuce at the grocery store year round, but it’s a poor relation to what you can grow or buy at a farm stand in season. I find myself steaming … Continue reading

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A Popover Kind of Day

Outside it’s dark, gloomy and raindrops are tapping on the window. Inside, bacon is sizzling on the stove and popovers are puffing up in the oven. Sunday mornings and popovers seem to go together. Popovers are surprisingly easy to make. They … Continue reading

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Return of the Flying Squirrels

Weekends are different when you’re retired. They just don’t have the same intensity. Errands and appointments and even socializing can be spread out over seven days instead of just two. It’s a good thing. Another very good thing is that … Continue reading

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Anadama Bread

Anadama bread has gone out of fashion, and that’s really a shame. It’s a classic New England bread made with cornmeal and molasses. Legends about its origin abound. Probably the most popular one tells of a fisherman from Rockport or Gloucester … Continue reading

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What I Did During The Blizzard

I baked bread. I cooked. We now have chili and quiche tucked in the frig. Let the storm rage. For me, happiness is a day when I’m free to putter around the kitchen without the need to leave the house. Notice the positive … Continue reading

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Found Poem

Poem dated March 11, 2002. Written in my journal as a rough draft and edited in place. It was a self-confessed overdue assignment for a poetry class that I was taking. It says more about my life at the time than … Continue reading

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Why Blog?

Why would anyone choose to blog? Probably as many reasons as there are bloggers. Closer to home. Why do I blog? I think that it’s an attempt to capture a little part of a fleeting day. Time slips by almost … Continue reading

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