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Red Sky ay Morning

It’s a red sky at morning kind of day. You remember the old nautical saying, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight; red sky at morning, sailors take warning.” Here we go again. Snow, sleet, rain in the forecast. Sounds like … Continue reading

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Busy Day. Easy Bread.

It’s school vacation week. Betsy and the little ones will be heading this way for a visit. Friends are coming for dinner tonight. A lump of dough is about to go in the oven to emerge as a crusty loaf … Continue reading

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Jogged Memories

Been spending time with Nigel Slater. A Valentine gift from my dear husband. Impossible to read Notes from the Larder without being transported back to another time and place. I was in a graduate program at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford … Continue reading

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Sam’s Approach to Winter

Sam has the right idea. If you just glance at the picture, you might think it’s just a poorly made bed. Look a little closer and you’ll see a big lump under the covers. That would be Sam. He’s given … Continue reading

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Pie Crust Challenged

I’m pie crust challenged. I like to think that I’m a pretty good cook in general. I bake most of our bread and our soups never come from a can, but good pie crust eludes me. Pillsbury has been my … Continue reading

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Another snow day. These days off have become so commonplace this winter that they must be starting to lose their luster, even for the kids. Teachers, I know from personal experience, are groaning that these days will be tacked on … Continue reading

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Shared Memories

We celebrated what we call “the birthdays” last night.  Since three of the members of our little circle of close friends have February birthdays, a few years ago, we started the practice of a joint celebration. Our ability to do … Continue reading

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Creatures of Habit

Sometimes I think we travel because it feels so good to be home again. We’re all ( and I’m including the dog and cat in this ) such creatures of habit. I guess the fact that we like our surroundings … Continue reading

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Still at the Inn. Heading home today. Resigned to the no early morning coffee. Not happy; just resigned. Next visit, Marriott for sure. Other than the coffee thing, this place is actually pretty nice. Amazing art work, bathrobes, comfortable bed … Continue reading

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Know Yourself

Just so you know, an inn may be charming, but it probably won’t have a coffee pot in the room. This is where the know yourself part comes in. I think that there are two kinds of people – hotel … Continue reading

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