Photographer’s Dream

IMG_6557 2

snow tipped bare branches
caught in a web of sunlight
nature’s magic hour

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Chill in the Air


IMG_6528 2

sea and sky in shades of gray
caught in cold’s tight grasp

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Back of the Can

Right at the top of seasonal desserts is the classic pumpkin pie. In my view, the best recipe can be found on the back of a can of One-Pie canned pumpkin. This is right up there with other perfect “back of the product” recipes like Hersey Cocoa’s Chocolate Cake and Nestle’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. Why deviate from a guaranteed success?

Making your own crust is good. Buying a Mrs. Smith’s Deep Dish Pie Crust in the freezer department is also good. And easy.



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Sometimes I Wonder


Sometimes I wonder
why I bake our bread.
Perhaps it’s the aria
I’ll never compose.

The novel
I’ll never write.
The painting
that will never flow
from my brush.
Then I see Challah
cooling on the counter,
and I recognize my art.
The urge to create
a thing of beauty
that nourishes the body
in addition to the soul.

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Orange Ball


An orange ball
on a seaweed strewn beach.
Flash of color
against the backdrop
of leaden skies and gray surf.
Conjuring thoughts
of a leaping dog
in a game of fetch.
Touch of whimsy
eliciting a smile
on a cold November day.

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Symbolic of the season.
Sunshine of summer
shucked off
to reveal the firelight
of approaching winter.

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Cranberry Harvest


Rite of passage.
From tangled branches
under flooded bogs,
berries coaxed to float
in a sea of glory.
Glowing red
again the backdrop
of a brilliant Autumn sky.

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