Old Silver

Early morning beach walk.
Quiet now.
The cry of sea birds
and the rhythmic splash of surf
the music of the hour.
Peaceful time on this perfect beach
with its clear water,
soft sand, and gentle surf.
Soon, the sound of birds
will be eclipsed
by the delighted cries of children
as they race into the water.
As it should be.
But, for this moment,
there is only peace.

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Captured Moment


sheer splendor 
soaring seagull 
against the setting sun.


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Steamer Season


a00c52d41d0953a50c3d05731af2a16dIt’s officially summer! Time to uncover the outdoor propane cooker and unearth the lobster pot from its winter home on a basement shelf. Also time to repost one of my favorite recipes for summer entertaining.

This method elevates steamed clams to complete meal status. If you add potatoes, onions, kielbasa, and shrimp to the steaming kettle, you’ll have a meal that will satisfy everyone at the table. A bowl of cole slaw, a basket of bread, cold beer and wine, and dinner is served.

Ingredients (for 8)

6 pounds of steamers
2 pounds of shrimp (approx. 20-24 shrimp/pound)
small whole red potatoes (2 per person)
small whole onions (2 per person)
kielbasa ( 2-3 pieces per person)
extra sliced onion, chopped garlic, red pepper flakes, and olive oil


1. If your fish market has a filtration system, rinsing should be enough. If your clams are sandy, soak them for an hour in a mixture of 3 cups of cold water and 1 tablespoon of non-iodized salt. Rinse well after you soak the clams. You’ll need more liquid for a lot of clams, but that’s the proportion of water to salt.
2. Saute a sliced onion and a chopped clove of garlic in a little olive oil in a deep pot. A big lobster pot is great for this. Season with salt, pepper and a few shakes of red pepper flakes.
3. Once the onion is soft, add about four inches of water to the pot. I sometimes add a couple of tablespoons of pesto for extra flavor. Or some thyme leaves. Add the potatoes and whole onions. Cook until the potatoes are close to done.
4. Add the kielbasa chunks; heat through.
5. Add the clams. Cover the pot and steam the clams until they open. It’s okay to open the pot and stir things around. Steaming should take about five minutes.
6. Add the shrimp a couple of minutes before the clams are completely opened. I use cleaned and deveined shrimp with just the tails on. They only take about two minutes to cook.
7. Serve with cups of broth and melted butter. I like to put the melted butter in a glass pitcher, so people can serve themselves. Makes it easy to re-heat the butter in the microwave part way through the meal if needed.

Note: If you decide to eliminate the shrimp to make it a classic clam boil, you should plan on 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of clams per person.

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Babied Basil


pampered coddled herb
positioned for sun by day
tucked inside at night

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Rosa Rugosa

wild beach roses
improbably springing
from mere sand
on windswept dunes
by nature’s hand
to add a splash
of color
to rocky shores

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Morning Walk

about the feel
of sand
between your toes
on a chilly
beach walk
quiet now
in the peace
of early June.

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There’s Color Here

Passed a nursery yesterday
tempting gardeners in with a sign
that read, “There’s Color Here.”
Happily, there’s color here,
there, and everywhere now that it’s June!
Rhododendrons and Azaleas 
burst into bloom almost while we watch.
Crabapple trees mirror spun sugar at a carnival
before coating all surfaces with showers of pink flowers.
And then there’s the glorious green surround.
The lushness of leaves that catch the raindrops
and let them slide more gently to earth.
The leaves that shade our porches
and patios from the heat of day,
and form a canopy overhanging country roads.
The sign was right to celebrate the arrival
of color as an early summer treat. 


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