with a yellow splash
burst from a tangle of twigs
forsythia blooms

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Week at a Glance (March 22-March 28)

A week of social distancing.
Of gratitude for our beaches and bogs.
Outside spaces that provide moments of tranquility
in addition to needed fresh air and exercise.
A week where flowers burst through the soil
oblivious to
 the atmosphere around them.
A week for a dock, now empty, to remind us
that boats will once again dot the harbor. 
And a week for two lumps of pizza dough.
One for now, and one to freeze for future need.

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A March View

Cluster of children
vying for turns on the tire swing.
Boats being unloaded
and eased down the ramp,
while onlookers on the dock
critique the process.
A March view
that once conjured up anticipation
now tinged with worry
that summer as we once knew it
might be slipping from our grasp.

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Cranberry Bog

Our neighborhood bog has taken on new life. A local refuge for the shelter in place population in our little corner of this troubled world. Picturesque place with a shuttered pump house, idyllic pond, and splashes of overlooked cranberries blinking red at bog’s edge

A beehive of activity during the Fall harvest, but on a chilly March day, generally home to random dog walkers, or retirees out for a stroll. Until now. Yesterday, there were little family groups, a few older couples, and a smattering of dog walkers. Certainly not a crowd, but more than one would normally see. All being careful of social distancing, but hardly a problem in this large open space.

Fortunate are we to have this place so close to home. A chance to renew and recharge, away from the news reports. Shaking off concern if only for an hour. Hearing a child’s laughter, and a dog’s bark. Watching sunlight produce shimmering rainbows on the water. A reminder of all that is good.



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A World of Change


Thinking about the ten pound bag of flour I chose not to buy at Market Basket ten days ago. How could life have changed so much in so short a time?

I tend to buy in bulk, especially when things are on sale. The picture of the cabinet I posted yesterday routinely holds twelve packs of toilet paper and big packages of paper towels. I always have dry pasta, cans of tomatoes and Goya beans, boxes of chicken broth and cans of tuna on hand. Once mundane things that are now cause for gratitude as I walk past empty aisles at the grocery store.

But that day at Market Basket before the world changed, they were out of the five pound King Arthur flour that I routinely buy. They had one ten pound bag, and a five pound bag of bread flour. I bought the bread flour because I prefer storing the five pound bag, never dreaming that a week later a bag of flour would be on the endangered species list.

On a more important note, maybe there’s a bit of a wake up call in all of this. While taking a walk on trails in a local woods yesterday, we passed a mother with two teenagers out walking their dog. I guarantee that those teenagers would not have been with their mother and the dog had social distancing not been part of our lives. I have to count that as a bright note in the midst of all the upheaval and fear.

Oblivious to the chaos around them, the daylily bulbs are sprouting in the garden. I saw three robins in the yard forming a triangle about six feet apart. Social distancing? Spring will come.



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The Cabinet


There’s a storage cabinet in our garage.
Home to backup rolls of toilet paper and paper towels.
Ignored under normal circumstances until supplies get low,
and the item gets added to a grocery list.
But these are not normal times.
Seeing a supply of toilet paper elicits a sigh.
A bit relief. A bit fear. A bit of irony.
A realization of so much we once took for granted.

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Week at a Glance (March 15-March 21)

A week when life as we know it began grinding to a halt.
Clinging to images of blooming flowers and ivy reaching for the sky.
Signs of hope in a troubled time. 
Celebratory food on an all but forgotten St. Patrick’s Day.
Homemade bread that may soon become a necessity rather than a luxury.
Solitary seagull watching over a windswept beach.
Beach now a haven for fresh air while practicing social distancing.

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