Week at a Glance ( September 20 – September 25 )

A week to transform the summer crop of basil into pesto,
making summer linger a bit longer.
A week when mums in full bloom guard our front door,
and a wind swept, quiet beach connotes seasonal change.
A week of a pumpkin patch at Bourne Farm,
and an apple still life on the kitchen counter.
A week when lights and glowing heat lamps
make outside dining not only possible, but fun.
And a week of Frank’s amazing ravioli. Italian dinners
back on the menu as the
temperatures cool.

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Week at a Glance ( September 13 – September 19 )

A week when squash and gourds in a pottery bowl
on the kitchen counter signaled Fall
A week when touches of whimsey began
popping up in unexpected places.
A week when the ongoing project of an afghan
finally reached a satisfying conclusion.
A week when the impatiens reached
a crescendo of riotous blooming
seemingly knowing their time was short.
And a week of swans gliding on Wing Pond.

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Week at a Glance ( September 6 – September 12 )

A week that began with a walk on a trail by the National Seashore.
An “after Labor Day week” that included
a visit to a newly quiet Chapoquoit beach.
A week when fairy houses drew us to Highfield,
and a huge tree called to the kids just begging to be climbed.
A week when a bunny sat still for a photo shoot,
and pumpkins and a tiny witch took up their posts
on tables and shelves in preparation for Fall.

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Week at a Glance ( August 29 – September 5 )

A week when the kitchen birds donned their acorn necklaces
in honor of the changing season.
A week when Frank’s homemade pasta was perfection on a plate.
A week when a walk through Beebe Woods conjured up
happy memories of New Hampshire trails.
A week when fairy houses dotted the landscape at Highfield,
and mums signaled September by the front door.

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Week at a Glance ( August 23 – August 29 )

A week when sunflowers nourished bees.
A week that showcased the lushness of a bridge season
with flourishing inpatiens in the yard,
awakening squash blossoms at Bourne Farm,
and the first red berries on a holly bush.
A week that included black bean and corn salsa,
and paella made in an authentic fashion on an outdoor grill.

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Week at a Glance ( August 16 – August 22 )


A week when hints of change were in the air.
A scarecrow lorded over a pumpkin patch,
and a coppery glow hovered over the cranberry bog.
A week when lasagna was the centerpiece for a dinner with friends.
A week of two crostatas. One summery zucchini, and one chicken and vegetable.
A week when the largesse of summer was combined into ratatouille,
and sunset burned over the water at Old Silver.

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Week at a Glance ( August 9 – August 15 )


A week when Bogside Farm charmed us
with their setting and amazing local corn.
A week when Merinos shoes and Bombas socks
lived up to their promise of perfection.
A week when the last of the hydrangeas came inside
to linger for just a few more days.
A week when masks and social distancing
couldn’t diminish the delight of lunch
by the harbor on Flying Bridge’s breezy deck.
A week that included broccoli rabe, white beans and pasta,
and the first clam boil of the season.
And, as always, the magic of sunset over the water.

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Week at a Glance ( August 2 – August 8 )


An August week for sure,
when morning light arrived more slowly,
and the sun set before we were ready to lose its light.
A week when rose hips began
their more subdued replacement of earlier beach roses,
and when Queen Anne’s lace and clover lined the canal.
A week of noticeable difference in the light
and the deepening of shadows as we wandered
familiar paths along bogs, beaches, and canal.
A week that included the familiar
sights and sounds of the Chart Room,
and chicken piccata at home.
Comfort of the constant in times of so much change.

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Week at a Glance ( July 26 – August 1 )


A week when our thirsty hydrangeas and parched landscape
celebrated the arrival of much needed rain.
A week when the bike path reindeer waved a flag.
Perhaps in hope that our democracy will survive.
A week when the beginning of seasonal change
came in the form of  flourishing Queen Anne’s lace.
A week when an appetizer mirrored social distancing,
and the addition of capers and olives elevated
chicken to new heights, bringing a touch of Italy home.

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Yet another
casualty of Covid.
The lonely
tube of lipstick.
Application so pointless
under a mask.

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