Tale of Two Hydrants

One newly painted.
One vintage.

One on a popular walk to the beach.
One tucked away amid trees on a country lane.

One a symbol of today’s Cape,
with its tourist attractions and summer crowds.
One a symbol of a quieter time
of sandy towels draped over cottage porch railings,

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Week at a Glance (January 27-February 1)

A snow-free week
as we ease into February.
Memories of Greece
served with a plate of octopus.
Portuguese “pops” from a local bakery.
Nostalgia elicited
from a row of books on a shelf.
Splashes of color
on a chilly walk to the beach.
Megansett in winter.

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Nothing warms a room
more than a wall of books.
Bound volumes that capture
deep thoughts and flights of fancy.
Memories line those shelves.
Books that tell a story
above and beyond their texts.
A tale that spans college,
careers, hobbies, travel.
Each shelf a springboard
to another time and place. 

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Week at a Glance (January 20-26)

Week of flu and flowers. The yin and yang of life.
A week when brightly colored caps
captured memories of sunshine and warmth,
and a glass globe mirrored January’s chill.
An international week that included Taco Tuesday
and Hot and Sour Soup in celebration of the Lunar New Year.
A week of take out pizza enhanced
by Frank’s special salad with fresh mushrooms and feta.

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Celebratory Soup


A bowl of Hot and Sour Soup
with customary red
in the napkin by its side.
A simple nod
to a worldwide event. 
Happy Chinese New Year!


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Baseball Caps


soldiers in a row
abandoned for wool and fleece
awaiting summer

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Week at a Glance (January 13-19)


A January week for sure.
One that began with a predictable mid-month thaw
followed by plunging temperatures and flying snowflakes.
A week with its quota of Amazon deliveries,
making me wonder, yet again, how we functioned before Prime.
A week when I was able to hold a bound copy of 2019 in my hands,
and make a yearly resolution to write more often.
And a week of food that included a very special birthday cake,
an enticing shrimp and white bean casserole that made enough for two meals,
and the tactile experience and aroma and taste of homemade bread. 

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